Mayor Daley's Beaches are loaded with filth

Please be careful if you enter Mayor Daley’s Chicago Beaches. You could come down with diseases.
CHICAGO (AP) – Chicago officials lifted their beach closures today, after shutting down five city beaches because of high levels of E. coli bacteria found in the water.
So far this summer, there have been at least 14 closings at Chicago beaches. That’s compared with only three during the same period last year. The number of advisory alerts, which feature a yellow flag to indicate a higher risk of illness while still allowing beaches to stay open, has risen to 41 this year. That’s up from 25 last year.
Two beaches have swimming advisories today.
The four-fold increase this year in Chicago-area Lake Michigan beach closings has city officials and ecological experts puzzled.
A Chicago Park District spokeswoman says high temperatures, a few periods of excessive rain and sea gull waste may have contributed to the problem
Did you ever get the feeling Mayor Daley’s “Green” Eco-friendly policy is nothing but hog wash? Patrick McDonough.

2 Replies to “Mayor Daley's Beaches are loaded with filth”

  1. “….hog wash?”

    You mean the mayor’s friends, family, clout minions, etc., have been frequenting our beaches, swimming in our lake and the ‘wash’ off these hogs is contaminating the water?

  2. Guano aka bird poop is a major contributing factor to this. The southside beaches from 12th on down have more bird poop since the Mayor closed Meigs Field because the airport kept away the large number of geese and gulls that now call MeigsField/Northerly Island home and poop there like dogs but with no one picking up all the poop it washes into the lake increases ecoli and shuts down the south side beaches. Meanwhile the Mayor has his summer home in Michigan far away from the health problem he created. When will the Feds indict this thug?!

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