New Chicago Water Department Boss steps to the Plate

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James LoVerde left after 44 years and 10 months of professional service. Last Friday, James seemed to enjoy all the love the many employees have for James LoVerde. The Central District is now run by Tim Kavanaugh the man pictured on the left. I hope every employee helps this man every way to make this challenging transition. The Central Water District is the one that will make you, or break you. Patrick McDonough,

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  1. Tim kavanagh is not in charge of the central district. get it straight. did he interview for the job? you continue to talk out of both sides of your mouth. on one hand you talk about the city not promoting and hiring fairly and then you say that Tim was promoted to be in charge. the only person besides you to say he is in charge is him. he moved into Jimmy’s office before the lights even went out. you cant promote yourself, and he has been trying to take over for years now. we don’t need a person like him in charge. do your homework on this. (Response) Tim has got clout, but Tim is in an acting position for 90 days. In the North District, the acting super position has been handed to Bob M, a clout heavy Precinct captain for well in excess of the agreed amount of time. Many people have been cheated out of their turn because of the ongoing corruption in the City of Chicago. The Shakman monitor is not doing the job, because they cannot. They do not know who the players are, and buy the lies from the city. Lots of loot exchanges hands in Chicago, do your part and support people changing the system. While our struggle continues, please help any person in charge so we can keep our jobs. Daley is trying to eliminate our jobs and the Plumber’s Local 130 is part of the “Action”. Many of the former Chicago employees retired, and are back fleecing for more in private industry, these goons are eliminating your jobs. They had a good run and want more. Will you stand up and do something about this? Patrick McDonough.

  2. if anybody thinks tim kavanaugh is going to put his kneck on the line for anyone but himself they are crazy.

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