Chicago Fire Hydrants Destroyed

Chicago Fire Hydrants Destroyed.jpg
The level of destruction to Chicago Fire Hydrants has increased considerably lately. Now the Fire Hydrants are chopped up with large gas powered saws. After the hydrant is wrecked this bad, it cannot be used to put out fires. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management and Chicago Police need to put a stop to this before someone dies in a fire. This is a felony act and costs Taxpayers millions. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

4 Replies to “Chicago Fire Hydrants Destroyed”

  1. From your picture, it doesn’t seem like this hydrant is damaged beyond usefulness.

    What is wrong with it, that makes it of no use?
    (Response) I would like to meet you at that site and explain the situation. Hopefully on a warm summer night.

  2. whats wrong with this hydrant? are you kidding me? whos on this sight? tom t##### could even figure out that it just needs a fresh coat of paint.

  3. It’s not destroyed, it’s just damaged. Stop complaining and do your job and fix it!!

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