Tony Peraica Cook County State's Attorney?

Please enjoy this picture of Russ Stewart, Mrs. Stewart, and Tony Peraica. Tony Peraica is running for Cook County State’s Attorney. This is a powerful office that could start to remove the corruption in Illinois. I would support Tony Peraica for any office he would choose to run for, but he will face a full blown assault from the Chicago Democrats. Dick Devine was nothing to write home about, and failed miserably to prosecute political clout and corruption in Chicago. Tony will face the most corrupt election he has ever faced in this race. Good luck Tony, the 11th Ward will put all resources against you. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. patrick when you dont do your homework you disappoint me. peraica had a pretty large following in the mighty eleven. also this means less competition in our county in 3 years. get out of that small box you live in and open your eyes to the big picture. and oh yeah put some shoes on

  2. Hey first Tony has got to get rid of Russ Stewart, This Guy is no good In my opinion…..
    I would support Tony But hes got a lot of work to do!!! to hell with the 11th ward !!!!! where are the feds, why haven’t they gotten Daley yet? did Bush tell the feds not to go after DALEY? This sucks

  3. Peraica barely won election in his own district last election! If those people don’t want him how the hell can he win for State’s Attorney. Perhaps Tony figures with Claypool taking the County and his own seat at risk: State’s Attorney is his only chance. Too bad it won’t happen and Tony will plunge further into debt. At least Pat will get a chance to show his friendship at the debt reconciliation party Tony will hold out in Berywn!

  4. If you don’t like what the organized, entrenched incumbents are doing, why not think outside the box and try something different?

    “It’s easy:


    2) Determine who the INCUMBENTS are and make a list of same before every election.

    3) Bring this list with you when you GO TO VOTE on election day

    4) With FEW exceptions, DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY INCUMBENT

    5) If there are 2 or more CHALLENGERS listed for a given office, cast your vote according to this formula:

    a) If the INCUMBENT is listed FIRST, vote for the CHALLENGER who is listed LAST


    b) If the INCUMBENT is NOT listed first, vote for the CHALLENGER who IS LISTED FIRST

    And here’s the beauty of this voting strategy:

    No challenger needs to do anything other than get on the ballot. The more, the merrier.

    No challenger needs to raise a shitload of money, as the voters who apply this strategy will not be paying any attention to the specific names of who they ARE voting for, only to the specific names of who they ARE NOT voting for, namely, the INCUMBENTS.

    Every challenger will have a shot at getting elected, their odds being based on both the RANDOM placement of their name on the ballot and the number of challengers in any given contest.

    Should there be a suspiciously high percentage of shill candidates being placed either first or last on the ballot, this opens the door, (should the proper authorities refuse to investigate election fraud manipulation of the ballot order by the election board), for a class action lawsuit, on solid Constitutional grounds, by the voters.

    Now, if only enough citizens appreciate and apply this strategy”

    Anyone interested in ever having a chance of being elected to public office should apply this strategy, encourage everyone they know to apply it, and do their best to get on the ballot in every future election.

    Imagine an election cycle where every office has multiple independent challengers, enough to overcome any shill stacking efforts by the entrenched political machines, whether Dumbocratic or Retardican, and enough citizens register to vote and vote with this strategy.

    Bye Bye Incumbents.


  5. Story to be investigated

    Conspiracy and Murder ,,, The Wrong Man

    Sir, the Schaumburg Ill. Police Dept. is dirty and has been more than 20 yrs. The Schaumburg Police and many high level people [all the way to former S.A. Mayor Daley] are involved in an incredible ongoing criminal coverup and conspiracy ,,,,,, dirty tricks and scare tactics in a SPECIAL police lineup ” TRICK BAG ” false arrest and imprisonment[me] 5 mos. in the Cook County Jail,malicious prosecution[me] Armed kidnapping,Deviate sexual assault,Rape and Murder of young suburban girls, perhaps from the 1960,s.

    [See Dupage County Cold Case Unit]

    Accessory to the unsolved 1985 brutal Rape and Homicide of a pretty and popular 15 yr. old Glen Ellyn Ill. girl, before the fact.

    By chance encounter,against tremendous odds, I know the psychopath who killed these girls.

    I,ve tried to expose,sue,lure and drag these people back into court more than 20 yrs.

    ” Sue the Bastards Blind “

    This ongoing true story was high terror,high drama and real life ” The ShawShank Redemption ” and may span 40 yrs.

    [904] 466-2590 Sincerely, Willis Earl Wilson former U S M C

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