More Shakman Violations at City of Chicago

City of Chicago Department of Water Management’s handling of a bid was downright unprofessional. The Shakman Shuffle reminds me of a Chicago Election, the end justifies the means. Example, the City of Chicago posted for a Job opportunity on July 11, 2007. The Shakman Monitor was notified, the Plumber’s Union was notified and the Water Department was notified. All on the up and up, right? Well the insiders were alerted long ago. Problem, the Department of Water Management Distribution held the bid for an additional week, and hid the post. Blank forms were not available for the workers. Steven Schell told me people tear the bids down, (Steve lets have a beer some time) If that is the case put the thief in jail and put the bids in a locked case( which are on site for the O.T.). Somehow the bids manage to stay up for weeks after the bid date submission date expires. Works good for Pension Officer Elections also, wink, wink. I filed complaints to all responsible Shakman Officers and requested a formal meeting to present the evidence. Job advantage Chambers and Tucker. Patrick McDonough.

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