Watch and learn

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  1. The city has been granted full immunity by the state appeal court,regarding the porch collapse.Did corruption play a part in the lincoln park porch collapse.Also Hoffman is feuding with his master. king Daley—goog news

  2. How is it that ‘the city’ can be immune to being held civilly, (financially), responsible for the consequences resulting from it’s failure to enforce the very building codes which it imposes upon it’s citizens, punishes, financially, it’s citizens who do not fully comply with said code, (for the express purpose of guaranteeing the safety of this city’s buildings), all the while claiming that rigorous enforcement, through punitive and excessive fines, is essential for said safety to be achieved.

    Yet, when the city fails to enforce these supposedly essential-to-safety codes, it is, somehow, immune to having any financial culpability in the damages suffered by said failure.

    Doesn’t make sense, does it?

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