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  1. How can Howard Brookins run as an outsider and reformer if he has Michael “Don’t touch the Hair” Noonan?
    Michael Noonan is at the Roosevelt Group with VICTOR “the Hog” REYES.
    Victor Reyes is the as of yet unindicted co-schemer A on the Al “the troll” Sanchez the former Head of Streets and Sanitation who associated with drug dealers, gang bangers, took money for jobs, had people mow his lawns, sex for jobs with Maria Nino, threatened people, violated Shakman, and loads of other fun.

    Victor Reyes took over HDO (the Hispanic Democratic Organization) after Tim Degnan founded it to control Hispanics. One member, who donated at the same time he got a promotion, George Prado (who also works with the brother and dad of Senator and former Two Six gang member Tony Munoz) who plead guilty and convicted of running a major 8 man heroin deal connected to the Columbian Cartel right out of the Department of Water Management. This is not rumor or allegation but a GUILTY PLEA and CONVICTION.

    HDO members Angelo Torres–the gang member who was in charge of the Hired Trucks program–the one that gave no bid trucking contracts that laid off union and city workers with a living wage and retirement benefits to hire mafia trucking companies who did nothing and slept on the job. Angelo Torres plead guilty and is a family member through baptism to Senator Munoz and used to drive Victor “the Hog” Reyes, Tim “Slim” Mitchell of the Park District (now dealing with the Olympics, and Al “the Troll” Sanchez around. Again, this is not rumor, innuendo, or allegation: Angelo Torres plead GUILTY and was convicted and there have been numerous Federal pleadings, paperwork and hearings and an award winning series of articles by investigative journalist Tim Novak of the Sun Times on what is now called Hired Trucks. HDO which Victor Reyes is still the head of and Michael Kasper (the lawyer for Venezuelan vote fraud company Sequouia) are still running HDO and received lots of money from these Hired Truck companies many associated with the mafia as seen in the recent “Family Secrets” Federal criminal trial.

    Resa also plead guilty to fixing jobs and lying to the FBI.
    Al “the Troll” Sanchez is under indictment and Victor Reyes took 140,000 or so to pay Tom Breen the criminal attorney for mafioso Marcello for Sanchez and Reyes.

    Michael Noonan was also the lying moutpiece for Todd “the toddler” Stroger in his racist and hatemongering campaign of claiming that Tony Peraica would cut services, close clinics, lay off nurses and cut jobs as the mean Republican. Everything that Noonan said during the 2006 campaign for County Board President came out the opposite.
    Tobaggon slides and pools are still closed, Award winning nurses quit or are fired. Clinics are closed. Immigrants are beat up and denied care.
    Strogers friends and relatives still get contracts and jobs.
    How could anyone in the media or any voters have any confidence or trust at all in Noonan.

    Noonan’s law and lobbying partner is involved in DRUG DEALING, GANG MEMBERS, HIRED TRUCKS, CROOKED INSIDE DEALS, MAFIOSOS, ORGANIZED CRIME—How could a candidate for State’s Attorney want a campaign manager connected to this level of criminality and sleaze?

    People are tired of appointments of relatives. The lying about the health condition of John Stroger. The lying about the health condition of Todd Stroger. Possible falsification of signatures. Cutting front line services for the most vulnerable which is what Democrats are supposedly about. Cousins, wives, friends, convicted felons get jobs–while a lot of other people suffer.
    Will Howard Brookins investigate the County?

    Will Howard Brookins investigate Victor Reyes and HDO or be beholden to them?

    Will Howard Brookins investigate Todd Stroger if that is where the evidence will lead?

    What kind of people are Howard Brookins surrounding himself with?
    If it is Mike Noonan–than he lost my vote and probably every serious law enforcement and editorial page too.

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