Mayor Daley out-jinks the Cubs Goat Curse

Mayor Daley Cubs Hat.jpg
Mayor Daley put on a cubs cap, and any or all possibility, was lost, of the Northsiders winning a baseball championship. When a 11th ward crook wears a cubs cap, the end must be near. The Chicago Northsiders support the Cubs knowing the Cubs will lose. I think the Daley Cub cap helped the Northsiders lose in a very short order. 1,2,3, gone.
Sorry to John McDonough. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Hey, Patrick is it Daleys fault that your marrage fell apart and you moved out of the city in clear violation of the city residency rule? you blame him for the bears losing, and now the cubs,are you that f@#$%^& retarded?? you deserved to be fired and you still should be unemployed because god knows you know nothing about real plumbing, the only reason you are on a hydrant truck is thats one of the easiest jobs for a plumber in water management

  2. McDonough is a foreman of the night crew. It is part of his settlement with the City of Chicago. We are happy he is gone from days so we can gamble.

  3. what’s up with the Marathon debacle today. Was it a SNAFU or a FUBAR? And I think that the coverage in the Tribune will probably downplay what happened in order to not cast a bad light on da Mare’s ability to manage a world class sports event. The online responses to the Trib article which were eyewitnesses of the disorganization disappeared from the Trib website. So I hope the Sun Times tells the real story.

  4. I woke up this morning and I was hoping to find some semi-retarded union c*** blaming the mayor for a couple of under prepared tourist runners getting heat exhaustion.

    And I knew this would be the first place to check.
    (Response) I am double checking my sources.

  5. You should have checked out this issue on

    If you think this site criticizes the mayor, wait ’till you get a load of what the working members of the CPD have to say about him.

    I suggest you and your clout monkey pals wear diapers when you do.
    (Response) You mean Mayor Daley?

  6. I forgot that your site’s format places the ‘posted by’ info at the lower right of the post, in really tiny font.

    The ‘you’ refers to the previous poster, ‘dan 1’?, not the host of this site.
    (Response) 10-4

  7. My only question is:

    Where were the Chicago Department of Water Management Heroes to get all the marathoners water?

    Coffee break maybe?

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