Chicago Police at Night

Chicago Police at Night.jpg
Many of Chicago’s Citizens have no idea of the dangers pulling over a car at night. Police could have someone pull a gun on them at anytime. These police do a great service at great peril. Make sure you show respect and help your Chicago Police. For years, the Chicago Police have gotten a bad rap due to a few bad cops. Burge stands out as does Jerome Finnigan. Cops murdering Cops? This goes on in Chicago because of cover-ups in the OPS. Just as we hate to hear a priest, mayor, or police officer betrayed the trust, we have to start listening to the good cops that expose these criminals. Mayor Daley has failed the citizens on this. Daley has used the Department as a revenue source. Daley knows well of the few bad apples and fails to act. I support the Chicago Police, but they must get rid of the rotten few. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. A rose by any other name…..?

    It’s the thoughts that count….?

    Anonymity breeds sincerity…?

    Anonymity also avoids petty vindictiveness.

    Treasure anonymity.

    It’s the only refuge available in this snakepit of a town.

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