Merry Christmas Chicagoland from Chicago Clout and Guitar Hero 3

Wii Guitar Hero 3 Chicago Clout.jpg
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007. I got one of the first Wii systems this summer and thought it was very nice, I enjoyed the tennis and bowling. This Christmas, Sean McDonough my famous brother bought my kids the Wii Guitar Hero 3 “Legends of Rock”. I asked the kids if I could try the game and they set me up with “Lars”, a hefty guitarist. This Guitar Hero is the equal of giving the Grand-kids a drum set, a pellet gun or something bound to drive the parents insane. By dinner, I wanted to be a guitar hero and smash the guitar on stage so I would not lose my hearing. It seems like a fun game and the kids will play all day if you let them. I hope your Holiday is full of cheer. Pray for Honest Government next year. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. merry christmas Patrick to you and your family p.s. It so ironic my neighborhood had a blackout on december 23th remember what happen that day last year? well I hope you and your family gets lots of blessings.

    (Response) I was just looking at pictures of your family and your garage that was burned. Hope all is well.

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