Who is paying for this expensive Road Salt?

More Free Road Salt.jpg
This is another picture of Chicago taxpayer’s road salt slipping out of a Chicago Streets and Sanitation Station. These two trucks have no signs that indicate they are owned by the City of Chicago. How can this happen? I have more pictures. Chicago is blanketed by an ice storm. Missing road salt on a public road could mean the life of one of your children. Where are the cameras that protect the taxpayer’s money? Who is allowing this? Where is the Chicago Inspector General? Photo by Chicago Clout Inspector General. Patrick McDonough

Chicago Plumbing Nightmare Exposed

Chicago Plumbing Nightmare.jpg
It was brought to my attention, a lady has a little day care center, was robbed of $1800.00. The men told her they know plumbing, busted up the floor, and left this mess. The children were playing in open sewers and smelling deadly gas. The lady keeps the children on the first floor. I am hoping all Chicago Department of Water Management employees would make a nice Christmas for this lady and help her get her house in order. The house was loaded with flies. I am willing to donate all the material, will you donate your Plumbing skills? I think this would be a nice challenge. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Kristina Lee fights Chicago City Hall

When most people purchase a home, they put everything at risk. When you purchase a new home you expect a very small amount of maintenance problems. In most cases, when you purchase a home on Chicago, the plumbing code, if enforced should provide years and years, of trouble free service. Yesterday, I had a wonderful lunch with Ms. Lee, she explained her situation at her new Chinatown condominium in Chicago. Ms. Lee is a very well educated, and a classically trained String Bass player. Ms. Lee is a Chicago Clout fan, so I decide to help. Ms. Lee lives in a new condo at the 2229-2245 South Canal a 24 unit project. Two years ago she started to have sewer back-ups. Not long after she had repairs totaling tens of thousands of dollars.]]> Continue reading “Kristina Lee fights Chicago City Hall”

Who is Grabbing Taxpayer's Road Salt Mayor Daley?

Mayor Daley's Friends Get Salt.jpg
Two pickup trucks went into a Streets and Sanitation Yard and got loaded with Chicago Taxpayer’s Salt. The private trucks were loaded by a large City of Chicago front end loader. None of the men had any City vests, and none of the pickup trucks were from the City of Chicago. None of the trucks had any “M” plates or any lettering on the side of their trucks. Look, this is not rocket science people. I have some more pictures that need to be put in the right hands. These pictures should be sold to the highest bidder. Photo by Chicago Clout’s Inspector General. You got to admire the organization in the Bridgeport’s 11th Ward, these guys are good!!! Patrick McDonough

Chicago's Best Sandwich Shop is Jerry's Sandwiches

Jerry's Sandwiches.jpg
From the left is Salvador Madrid and Chris Roman. They work with Stephanie a Chicago Master Sandwich maker. One day, Stephanie and I were talking about a Corned Beef Sandwich, I was hoping she also sold pastrami. She and I agreed on the following, a large pile of corned beef, toasted rye, coleslaw, and Russian dressing. http://www.jerryssandwiches.com The dressing must drip out of the sandwich. Include two slices of Swiss cheese. The coleslaw must still be a little cold, chewy and crunchy. This is a sick arrangement of ingredients that do not belong together. This sandwich is called a “Paddy” or a “Deep Water”. You will drool like a pig after eating this Chicago Classic, it is named after me. Photo by Patrick McDonough.