Chicago Fire Department helps Water Department

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Blocks away from the Ravenswood broken water main is a group of Chicago Firefighters. The damage from the broken water main spread for blocks because someone in charge refused to understand the seriousness of the water main break. We need personnel to either give this control back to the district level or make management go out to the job-site and determine the seriousness. The need for all these extra support staff proves the lack of professionalism in the North District Department of Water Management. Remember, a former Deli Manager at Jewel, is not a licensed plumber, although the taxpayer pays them the same amount of money. Time to take the politics out of the North District. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “Chicago Fire Department helps Water Department”

  1. Already the property owners are cowering, like the trained gerbils they are.

    Let this shit happen in the old neighborhood, even with only a few old timers left, and see how the shit can fly, old-school style.

  2. Is there really a former deli manager without training in plumbing working as a plumber in the water department? Makes me feel real secure with all those 100+ year old water mains in the Chicago system. By the way is there an Olympic sport that can be played in flooded sink holes?

    (Response) It is much worse than that.

  3. I know who it is I Think—- MIKE SEBOURNO? ON WATER DEPT. TRUCK SWD986?
    oh my god !!! is this guys’s clout ALDERMAN BANKS? does he have a precinct by Oak Park to Sayre from Bloomingdale to Cortland? he said he was a DELI MANAGER FOR JEWEL FOODS OR WAS IT DOMINICKS?
    Wait is that the same (MIKE)the plumber guy that has a laborer (DAVE ) doing his plumbing work for him? just asking. IN my opinion the people in that quad are in some DEEP CRAP ! from Pulaski to the Lake Michigan from Division to Foster!!? The foreman is a very nice guy, but he can not help getting stuck with MIKE THE PLUMBER— Wait he is not even a PLUMBER,I heard he is not even close to being a PlUMBER, has no idea what he is doing in my OPINION.

    (Response) I you want to put things like this on the website, put you name.

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