Dumb and Dumber to talk about O"Hare expansion

George Bush will talk to Daley about getting his family a piece of the expansion pie when he retires. George Bush should cut a deal with Daley regarding the next president. I hope Daley has a thick envelope ready for Bush, George Bush has kept Patrick Fitzgerald off Daley for a long time.Daley, Bush to talk over Olympic bid
January 6, 2008
When President Bush hits town Monday, Mayor Daley plans to huddle with him about the city's bid for the 2016 Olympics.
Bush is coming here Monday to visit a school and speak on the economy, the mayor said Saturday. But Daley also plans to talk to Bush about the new runways going in at O'Hare Airport and Chicago's bid for the Olympics.
Daley said any city hosting such an event needs the federal government's help in transportation and security.
"We are going to make sure we are working with both our senators, the Illinois delegation and making sure that America truly wants to host this wonderful International Olympic and para-Olympic event," Daley said.

4 Replies to “Dumb and Dumber to talk about O"Hare expansion”

  1. Bush is Daley, on a much larger scale.

    Just as clever, just as dishonest, just as much a dinosaur.

    Wake up, people, it’s time to make the donuts…..

  2. I regret I must disagree with with the comments of cave man. Bush is nowhere near as clever as Daley. A more apt comparision (in terms of intellect, or lack thereof) would be between Bush and Toddler Stroger.

    As for the meeting between the Chump in Chief and King Richard the Lesser, I’m sure Daley will continue to give the Chump all the positive attention he wants. After all, it makes sense for Daley to court the guy with the pardoning pen.

  3. respectfully, your wrong about bush protecting daley.
    fitzgerald was reeling when bush pardoned libby. fitz the fox will indict the kid and nephew first, in one year when bush leaves office. KEEP IT UP CHICAGO CLOUT. WERE THE ONLY ONES TO OPEN PUSH TO PUT THE CROOKS IN JAIL. AND YOUR WEBSITE, FC, JOHN KASS AND THE HERO’S AT THE SUNTIMES ARE THE ONLY BRAVE ONES…BLESS YOU ALL.

  4. wrong! fitzgerald was upset about the bush pardon of libby. fitzgerald learned, he will wait one year when bush is out and then he will indict daley’s kid. but daley will not fall on the sword for his kid. he will let his son go to jail before he will. then daley too will get indicted after the pressure on his son does not make daley cop a deal.

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