Victor Crown moves forward again

VICTOR CROWN GAINS LEGAL STANDING ON WHISTLEBLOWER CLAIMS Chief US District Judge James Holderman has entered a federal court order which will permit Mr. Victor M. Crown to bring a motion after June 13, 2008 and unseal certifications that will exonerate MS. MIRIAM SANTOS and order payment of qui tam funds from the STATE OFILLINOIS. The written material and certifications submitted under the federal False Claims Act and the Illinois Whistle blower Reward and Protection Act include time sheets from the Office of City Comptroller negating Counts 6 and 7 relating to a false claim applied to political work on city time and records obtained under court order from the City of Chicago Board of Ethics negating each of the other 10 counts in the original indictment.. The federal court order by the Chief Judge in the Northern District represents a major defeat for the Daley administration [and the City of Chicago] since it previously argued in 2005 and 2006 that Mr. Crown didn't have the legal standing to gain compensation relating to whistle-blowing activities and a false arrest from 1996 by the City of Park Ridge police department.. Victor Crown has now earned a major legal victory against the Office of Corporation Counsel. I like Victor Crown and I hope he keeps moving forward against Chicago Corruption. Patrick McDonough.

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    Has a nice ring to it.
    (Response) Miriam Santos was dragged through the mud by Mayor Daley. Miriam was attempting to keep the Chicago City Worker’s pension money safe. Patrick Daley’s nephew has full run of the pension money. What is done on this travesty? Maybe Victor Crown can straighten out this injustice. Lawyers that do work for Chicago and the Daley family will make millions on the lawsuit. I say keep fighting Victor Crown. Patrick McDonough

  2. I say keep voting for the moral DEMOCRATIC party. I say keep voting for the Daley political family and I say keep going to fundraisers for the Daley’s—they need the money to keep moving us forward. contribute liberally. I say vote democrat and make sure that on Feb 5th your family demands democrat ballots and vote for the party that helps the poor and helps all of us have a nice clean city—the democratic party.
    Chicago is a world class city. Nobody’s better than Daley and no one ever will be. Vote the democrat ticket I say.
    VOTE democrat.


    Carl Segvich

  3. From John Kass column in the Trib today: “…The Clintons know Obama is poised to march toward his party’s nomination, talking blithely about hope and reform and transcending our old, tired, politics,with Chicago’s Daley Machine marching quietly behind him, unnoticed by his media cheerleaders…
    Obama doesn’t need my advice. He’s got the Daley boys to watch his back…”

    I had an “aha” moment the morning after Iowa. I finally understood the connection between Barack (or Barry as he was called in school),the audaciously hopeful reformer, and Richie. I got why Barry endorsed Richie for reelection when there were two African American candidates running against Richie each of whom had credentials to be Mayor of Chicago at least as strong as Barry’s are to be President of the United States. Barry announced that Richie was fixing the corruption at city hall. So there was no need to elect an African American reformer as Mayor. And so Richie owes Barry a favor–help him become President. And so when Barry is President and the issue of the U. S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois comes up at a dinner between President Barry and Mayor Richie in a bistro to be named later Barry will return the favor by deciding Patrick Fitzgerald and his new bride won’t need to live in Chicago anymore. And all those pesky investigations of Barry and Richie’s mutual friends like Tony Rezko will go away. So, I hope a member of the press will ask Barry what he will do about Mr. Fitzgerald’s reappointment.

    And of remember, Barry also endorse Toddler in a joint letter with Durbin! I still have my copy. Talk about audacity!

  4. Associated Press – January 9, 2008 8:14 PM ET

    CHICAGO (AP) – Chicago aldermen tried to heal what 1 of them called a “black eye” today, approving a nearly $20 million settlement with four former death-row inmates who claim they were tortured by police.

    The settlement ends lawsuits brought by Stanley Howard, Aaron Patterson, Leroy Orange and Madison Hobley.

    All have been exonerated in their death-penalty cases and claim Chicago police tortured them under the leadership of former Lieutenant Jon Burge.

    But Orange said after the vote that the money won’t cure his mistrust of police or the anxieties and dreams he struggles with.

    Alderman Ed Smith called it a black eye on the city of Chicago and he hopes it never happens again.

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