Mayor Daley's "Green Smokestacks"

Chicago Smokestack pollution.jpg
This smokestack throws millions of tons of poison into our air. Chicago needs a “Green Policy”. Most people need to open their eyes and realize the pollution in Chicago is a great problem. Chicago power generating plants could be better. Demand clear air Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. I’m not a smoker. But I have always been more concerned about these smokestacks than the second hand smoke from cigarettes which the government banned. I know the sooty dust seeping in my windows ain’t from cigarettes and I know it is bad for the air. Daley is green on St. Patrick’s Day and the rest of the time his environmental policy is a flowery cover-up.

  2. Pat

    Did you hear the one below?

    What City Commissioner will be moving to a new department due to him getting his secretary pregnant ?


    (Response) Streets and Sanitiation and the Department of Water Management just had a high level meeting at 39th and Iron. Just about a month ago. Re: Problems with the snow command in Chicago. I get to the other stuff late.

  3. Hey Pat,
    When my case went before Judge Bucklo, I gave testimony as to the E.P.A. issue, I stated under testimony that there was a Plating company,just down the block from Northwest Parking lot ( SANITATION)
    the ground at that place was contaminated by chemicals. The NW.lot was also contaminated,I have Pictures to prove this, I did call the State EPA, and gave them pictures also, the State did fine$$$$$ the City. But then the city BUILT a New building on that site, the dirt at that lot was removed, but get this—- the dump trucks were lined with heavy duty plastic sheeting. I was told they burnt the dirt!!!
    There are many Men and Women there at that NW.lot that have gotten sick, some even DIED unexpected!! some with TUMORS as big as a football on their neck, the guys name was NICK KELTER!
    He had surgery, it was removed, he was threaten to getting fired, they made him a choice, “GET FIRED OR RETIRE” well he choose to retire, but so many people City Workers have gotten sick. THE CITY THAT WORKS, DOES NOT WORK FOR THE EMPLOYEES. we are dieing at the hands of this DALEY.

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