Mayor Daley's Chicago Inspector general employee arrested

Inspector general employee arrested
N.W. SIDE | Placed on leave, facing shoplifting charge
January 7, 2008
Instead of examining other city agencies, the City of Chicago's office of the inspector general will be investigating one of its own.
Tracy Buckley, an assistant chief investigator for Inspector General David Hoffman, was arrested Saturday on charges of shoplifting, police said.
Buckley, who earns about $70,000 annually, according to 2006 city data, was allegedly caught walking out with unpaid items from a Whole Foods Market at 6020 N. Cicero.
"I was notified by the Police Department," Hoffman said. "I placed her on administrative leave. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a mistake. We're going to look into it."
Whole Foods employees allegedly saw Buckley, of the Northwest Side, walk past several aisles and enter an elevator without paying. She tried to steal about $100 worth of merchandise and was charged with misdemeanor retail theft, police said.
"We have a parking garage below us. Once you're in the elevator, the only place you're going is the garage," a Whole Foods manager said. "The elevator is right by the exit door. It's the same as if they were going out the front door."
Efforts to reach Buckley, 36, were unsuccessful.
Buckley has been employed by the inspector general's office since 1994. Hoffman said he placed her on administrative leave, meaning she will be paid "at first" but not working while the department sorts out the matter. Hoffman said this is the first incident of this kind since his appointment in 2005.
"She's kind of a senior investigator," Hoffman said. "I think we need to look into the matter more."