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City Employee Charged With Theft From Grocery Store
CHICAGO — Tracy Buckley, 36, a female employee of the Chicago Office of the Inspector General was charged with theft from a Northwest Side grocery store Saturday afternoon.
About 12:55 p.m. she allegedly stole items from a Whole Foods Market grocery store at 6020 N. Cicero Ave., according to police News Affairs Director Monique Bond.
Buckley is charged with misdemeanor retail theft for apparently stealing grocery items from the store, Bond said. Inspector General David Hoffman confirms the suspect is Buckley.
Buckley has worked for the Inspector General’s office since Jan. 18, 1994. As of January 2006, Buckley was a supervising investigator with the office.
Further details are not available, according to Bond.

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  1. Pat I just have one question for you.How do you pull off living in the suburbs and working for the city?I am fully aware that the adress of 1964 Everett in Desplanes is your residence.How can that be.Also how can a man like yourself afford a nice looking summerhome in Wisconsin?Is that city lawsuit really paying off for you?You never work as though it seems you are always out taking pictures of everybody else doing wrong.What about you?My neighbor works at the 39th st garage and has you on tape dumpster diving for a Christmas party list.They all laughed at you and still are to this day.My tax dollars are paying youre way and im pissed that we have to work and you dont.

  2. Clout corner

    January 10, 2008
    Conflict sidelines Chico
    Gery Chico — a Daley loyalist who has been president of the Chicago Park District for four months — has a conflict of interest that will keep him on the sidelines as the district makes one of its biggest decisions: Who will manage Soldier Field?

    Among the companies seeking the contract is a group including Live Nation, a huge promoter that has hired Chico’s law firm to acquire the shuttered Uptown Theatre.

    That’s separate from his official duties, says Chico: “Neither I nor the firm have anything to do with Live Nation regarding Soldier Field. We specifically had a conversation with Live Nation about my role at the park district, and they understand that I cannot and will not participate in the discussion of Soldier Field.”

    Chico says he’ll also stay out of any discussions over the summer concert stage that Live Nation operates for the park district on Northerly Island.

    Chico is a former chief of staff to Mayor Daley, who gave Chico the park district post.

    SMG has run Soldier Field for more than a decade — and hopes to keep running it. A decision could come this month.

    Tim Novak

    City official under scrutiny
    Chicago’s inspector general is investigating a top city transportation official whose son got jobs with two engineering companies that have multimillion-dollar deals with his city agency.

    Gilberto Quinones, a deputy transportation commissioner, confirms his son worked for city contractors: Tecma Associates Inc. and Accurate Group Inc.

    His son most recently worked for Tecma, helping calculate the price the city charged homeowners under its shared-cost sidewalk-replacement program. According to the company, he left four days before Christmas.

    Tim Novak

    Otta da joint
    John J. Leahy — an insurance agent who helped convicted city contractor James Duff cheat on worker’s compensation insurance — got out of a halfway house Friday after serving most of a 34-month prison sentence.

    Tim Novak

  3. Keep on sleeping, when you waken, it’ll be too late to do anything but try and figure out where all that clout disappeared to.

  4. Inspector general fires employee for alleged shoplifting

    January 11, 2008
    Mayor Daley’s corruption-fighting inspector general fired one of his own employees Friday, six days after the $77,784-a-year assistant chief investigator was arrested for shoplifting at a Chicago grocery.

    Fourteen-year veteran investigator Tracy Buckley was charged Jan. 5 with misdemeanor theft after Whole Foods employees watched her walk out of a store at 6020 N. Cicero with $131.43 worth of unpaid items.

    Before deciding Buckley’s fate, Inspector General David Hoffman said he conducted interviews, read reports and viewed tape recordings made by Whole Foods security cameras.

    They reportedly showed Buckley walking through several aisles, past a bank of cashiers and into an elevator leading to an underground parking lot without paying for a shopping cart full of food. Stolen items allegedly included a $44.84 boneless lamb stew and pork chops worth $21.17.

    Buckley could not be reached for comment. She allegedly told police she was going to her car to get a different charge card that she intended to use upon returning to the store to pay for the items.

    Hoffman apparently didn’t buy it — and didn’t wait for the outcome of her criminal case.

    “All city employees should be held to high standards of integrity, but these standards must be especially high for higher-ranking and prominent city officials. This higher standard definitely applies to employees of the inspector general’s office,” Hoffman said in a prepared statement.

    Buckley is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 25.

  5. They never play this in the media isn’t this the handpick inspector generals office he wanted why isn’t this in the news!!!! NBC ABC CBS you cowards never show the real news

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