Chicago Taxpayers pick up tab for New York Lawyers Today

The City of Chicago Taxpayers paid for a slew of high price lawyers investigating allegations of improprieties by the Chicago Department of Water Management employees in the North District. One employee was Paul Hansen, the son of Bernard Hansen, a retired Chicago Alderman, now a registered lobbyist in Chicago for a up and coming bank. Paul Hansen sure moved up the chain of command mighty quickly prior to the FEDS moving in on Shakman Violations in Chicago. Yesterday, Paul Hansen gave a big huggly snuggly to a high ranking Water official that just experienced an unfortunate loss of a family member yesterday. At least one interview was held in Donald Tomsczak's old office which was quite ironic. I am concerned said one source; Mayor Daley should only have us talking to lawyers employed by the City. This bill should be a whopper, but due to Chicago record high gas prices, Chicago taxpayers will pick up the tab one way or another. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Pat, even with the feds sniffing around they just cant stop stealing. The straw buyer who was used to re-flip the Chicago Defender building was just a way for Vanecko to circumvent having to pay all profits from his realestate dealings where he is using the taxpayers pension money. Mayor Daley can’t accept the fact that the realestate market in Chicago has finally dried up so he is taking pension money and using his nephew as but one avenue to keep tearing down property and moving out the poor and moving in the rich. I could type twenty pages here and explain this all in detail but I will only give a fast summation. Daley wants this whole city to shine before he leaves this earth. So he is taking money from everywhere to insure that he can throw all the working class out of the city and build these new plain looking boxes everywhere. It would have been nice to see the north side all fixed up, but no! Daley wants the south, west, east and north all completely re-built at a cost of throwing us, the working class out. There is not a demand for every corner of the city to be fixed up. Rich yuppies are now stuck with properties located in the ghettos of the city, and it will be 8 years before this realestate market comes back around.The economy has only started getting bad, you wait and see whats next to come and how long this depression lasts. Vaneckos deal with the pension fund money will go on another 30 years. He has a major cash cow there. Daley wants to take all the money he can steal from the poor taxpayers in order to quickly build his legacy. And with property values now beginning to fall in Chicago Daley will never, ever lower property taxes even though by law he has to bring property taxes in line with real values. He will fight it for the next five years and then when a 1 billion dollar lawsuit and judgement hits the city, he will then take another five years to pay back the taxpayers money as he drags it out in court. And all the while the aldermen (also referred to as chickens) will sit around too afraid to do anything to aid the taxpayers for fear of Daley. Prediction: When alderman Reilly prevails against Daley and this silly museum location, look for Reilly to be the people’s champion and the next mayor of the city of Chicago. Sorry to mr Jackson jr, you snoozed, and you lose. Mr. Jackson, you need to stop waisting your time helping Obama because him and his wife will surely lose the presidential election due to all the racist comments they have made that were captured on video and audio. And they will never pick up enough white and latino votes to win the election. Also the only reason Daley wants this childrens museum in Grant Park is because he wants to develop all of Grant Park so this fight is not about one museum, its a much bigger scheme. Mine and the taxpayers anger is not becuase Daley is doing good for Chicago, it’s becuase he does not care one bit about us and I wish Reilly well in his fight for us, and against this selfish mayor we now have.

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