Alderman William JP Banks' Office fires back

As many of you know (oops, you do not) Alderman Banks is on vacation for two weeks. I asked if Alderman Banks asks for favors on behalf of caulkers in the Chicago Department of Water Management's North District. I also asked if they ever violated the Shakman decree. I am happy to say they responded, "they abide by the Shakman Decree explicitly". Mike S. stop asking for favors or they will report you! Get your tools and do your job! More on this later! Patrick McDonough.

One Reply to “Alderman William JP Banks' Office fires back”

  1. How do I make a complaint against that caulker, Mike S
    he makes so many personnel stops, real estate office? Talks on the cell phone about real estate to clients. While he is at work he talks to citizens about selling their house, while on city time. Who do I make a complaint to/

    (Response) You may be entitled to whistle-blower money. Please e-mail our legal team at Patrick McDonough

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