Chicago's Sam P. Gerambia We Pray for You

On May 11, 2008 our fellow brother at the Department of Water Management, Sam P. Gerambia died without warning. I think Sam looked at the world from a different viewpoint than many of us. Sam had a wife and two children. Sam was a Caulker and member of Journeymans’ Plumber’s Local 130. U.A. I hope someone in the North District starts a fund for Sam’s wife and children. John Spatz should make this worthy cause go forward. Photo by Patrick McDonough

3 Replies to “Chicago's Sam P. Gerambia We Pray for You”

  1. I have to say Sam Gerambia was a very great guy, Sam would give you the shirt off his back! Sam loved to cook, he should of been a chef! Sam could adapt to anything, Sam went out of his way to help other caulkers get started in the business! I am not going to mention any names here, but the Caulker knows who he is… this caulker had no idea what he was doing, Sam took him by the hand and showed him how its done. That’s the kind of person Sam was. One example of Sam helping was, there was a elderly guy and his wife broke down in the street, Sam parked his car and went over to help ( nobody else would stop to help the elderly couple out) he looked at the car, tried to fix it, it was unrepairable on the street, Sam called a tow truck for the couple, The tow truck came hooked up the car, and took it to where the couple wanted it fix at. But Sam PAID for the tow, so the couple did not have to pay for the tow. That’s the way Sam Gerambia was. SAM WAS MY BROTHER-IN-LAW! I am proud to call Sam my brother-in-law!!!! SAM I MISS YOU ALREADY.

  2. With all due respect, Sam is the only caulker/plumber that kept his job after buying a beer for the inspector general. Sam’s dad Paul found out about the bust the next next day, and was he pissed. Sam we will miss you, god bless and goodbye.

  3. So now the rumors start,
    There was never a bust, Sam has a beer after work, just like many of us that have a few beers after work. But for someone that spreads rumors like this, it is in very bad taste !! who ever wrote this about 2 dear people to me !! you do not even state your name on here. Speak up, step into the light!!! say who you are.
    You speak bad about people that can not defend themself, you are a low life to even say anything bad about Sam and Paul Gerambia. R.I.P.

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