Alderman Joe `Foie Gras` Moore and Rich `Dick Tater` Daley fight

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Joe Moore is a Chicago alderman that put up a fight to save ducks that are forced fed food to expand their livers. This rude and crude practice is shameful. Imagine an 11th ward hillbilly like Daley stuffing Foie Gras past those mangy teeth while passing out millions to his friends. I want people to know, this is a sin. God’s animals were put on this earth for a reason. Just like dog fighting, animal cruelty should not be allowed. Someone should tell that phony Daley to go back to the 11th Ward and eat at those 39th street eateries. You can put a suit on a redneck, but a hillbilly is a hillbilly. Alderman Joe Moore is a hero that fought for what is right. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Pat – Love the work you do, but on this one you are wrong.

    Moore is an overpaid idiotic leftist liberal politician belonging to the communistic scumbag democratic party.

    He champions the INSANITY of a male “marrying” a male , and a female “marrying” a female. He’s not ok with killing (albeit, torture is alleged) a goose … BUT——–BUT!…HEY GUESS WHAT , he’s ok with killing someone else.
    Do you know what we are talking about?
    He’s OK with a mother human killing her defenseless human baby.

    The scissors go into the head and the brains are sucked out of the most innocent among us. ————-“Liberalism is a mental disorder”

    The scissors go into the cranium and the brain is sucked out of the heads of the most innocent among us–our preborn babies.

    Committeeman Segvich
    11th Ward

    P.S. Well, I guess I’m sort of a redneck hillbilly , but, ahhhh, not really ; I’m just a conservative American who believes in the constitution which our wise forefathers gave us, and I believe in wholesome traditional family value oriented Americans.

    Your friend,
    Committeeman Segvich
    11th Ward

    (Response) Why do you care if a man wants to be with a man? Why waste your time with things you cannot change. Our vice president has a lesbian daughter, so is he going to throw her out? Mayor Daley a “Catholic” has done more to encourage abortions and Cardinal George fawns over him like he is Jesus. I suggest you spend more time helping the poor and needy than judging people bases on phonies telling you what to say and do. A leader must show the way with examples of good deeds, get to work Carl, you are a leader now. Patrick McDonough.

  2. City repeals foie gras ban
    CITY COUNCIL | Daley rams through repeal of ban on foie gras — Moore blasts tactics as tough to swallow

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
    The alderman whom Mayor Daley derisively calls Joe “Foie Gras” Moore (49th) now knows how the geese and ducks feel.

    Two years after the City Council banned the liver delicacy made by jamming a steel pipe down a bird’s esophagus, Daley essentially did the same to Moore on the City Council floor.

    By a vote of 37-6, the foie gras ban that Daley claims made Chicago an international laughingstock was repealed, thanks to a legislative end-run that set a new standard for violating protocol and rolling over the opposition.

    A repeal ordinance quietly introduced last year and referred to the friendly Rules Committee — bypassing a Health Committee that had approved the foie gras ban — was moved to the Council floor without a hearing, something that is seldom, if ever done.

    When Moore objected and tried to exercise his right to postpone the vote, Daley ruled him out of order.

    When Moore tried to debate the merits, Daley ruled that the measure was not debatable. He ordered the clerk to call the roll and to continue, even as Moore shouted for the right to be heard.

    “If it can happen to me, tomorrow it could happen to you,” Moore warned his colleagues.

    “Thank you, Ald. Joe ‘Foie Gras’ Moore,” Daley said.

    After the show of force, Moore denounced the mayor as a dictator and Wednesday’s meeting as a new low.

    “Even in the ugliest days of one-man rule, members of the City Council still had the opportunity to … state their case. For the mayor to fail to recognize me to debate the merits of this issue was the height of arrogance,” Moore said.

    “The city had placed its mark as a city of compassion, a city that was standing up against [animal] cruelty and it’s taken a giant step backward. But, it’s also taken a giant step backward in … good old fashioned democracy. … There was no reason that this issue had to be ramrodded through today,” Moore said.

    Daley argued that the animal cruelty issue has been debated ad nauseam, that “everybody knew” about the repeal and it was high-time to reverse a foie gras ban that damaged the city’s reputation in international dining circles.

    Sheila O’Grady, the former Daley chief of staff now serving as president of the Illinois Restaurant Association, has lobbied for the repeal. Ald. Tom Tunney (44th), the former Illinois Restaurant Association chairman who owns Ann Sather’s restaurants, spent hours before the vote buttonholing aldermen on the Council floor.

    “They understood what they passed and they corrected it. Simple as that because once you get into every menu item dealing with food, we would be here forever every day debating all types of issues with all types of food. That’s not the role of the City Council,” Daley said.

    The mayor noted that restaurants have found ways to get around the ban, making a mockery of Moore’s so-called statement against animal cruelty.

    “You can buy it in retail. You can bring it with you. They can’t sell it to you, [but] they can put it on your salad and increase [the cost of] your salad by $20. They can put it on a piece of toast and charge you $10. Does that make sense? This is what government should be doing — telling you what you should be putting on toast or in a salad?” the mayor said.

    Foie gras, French for “fatty liver,” is produced by force-feeding geese and ducks — by jamming a steel pipe down a bird’s esophagus three times a day for a month — to create livers 10 times their normal size. By the time the process is over, the birds can barely walk, let alone breathe.

    Julie Janovsky, a spokesperson for the animal protection group Farm Sanctuary, argued that the foie gras ban had “massive public support” and that the City Council’s repeal “effectively endorsed animal cruelty.”

    “Chicagoans were proud to live in a city that took a stand for humanity. To reverse a compassionate and admirable decision under pressure from political bullies and special interests shows a cowardly brand of cynicism unlike any we have seen in our efforts to give voice to the most vulnerable beings in society — animals raised for food,” Janovsky said.

    As for the legislative muscle on display Wednesday, it’s expected to be followed by more of the same.

    “Rules and traditions are becoming less important than results. This is just a warm up for the Children’s Museum,” said a veteran alderman who asked to remain anonymous.

  3. CHICAGO — The FBI and police in Michigan are investigating a fire that was intentionally set three weeks ago outside the summer of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.
    The fire did not damage the Daley home, but it did destroy a neighboring house and severely damaged another. No one was in any of the homes during the fire.
    Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey says the fire occurred shortly after Daley received a threatening letter. Berrien told WGN-Television the letter indicated the writer was upset over the April 14 shooting of a cougar on the streets of Roscoe Village in Chicago.
    Authorities said they do not have

  4. You don’t get it, WITH ALL DUE RESPECT.
    1)In a sense, I DON’T care what they do at home(you assumed I care); it’s deeper than that. Dumb people (not you) don’t get the gravity and moral ramifications. IT’S ABOUT SOCIALLY RE-ENGINEERING our society[read:brainwashing our Children] I heard all the stupid arguments..”my friend IS blah blah blah”. So what? And GUESS what?! So are mine; I have a few. Guess what ?!!!
    They keep it private and that is all I’m saying:KEEP IT PRIVATE. Don’t make a political point like Pimp Daley…And legitimaize as NORMAL to our INNOCENT CHILDREN. We should just shut up. But no. Because liberals intimidate and are bullies.
    Again, Machiovelli, Daley, all liberals pimp this issue the same way they pimp any issue. ( Also, I tink many conservatives are cowardly to not speak up)
    2) speaking of Daley and the Cardinal, I agree with you.
    3) the argument that says “there are things we cannot change” is 100% faulty. Read G.K. Chesterton on the argument of inevitability. It is the same as “impenitent”. It’s illogically faulty and morally faulty. It erroneously denies that we all have free will.
    bottom line: We the people Make the laws that run our society.
    “Everybody does it” or “so what” or “you can’t fight” are all the weak arguments that are dumbing us all down—>which leads to despicable folks such as the Clintons running our United States of America.
    4)I agree with you Pat 100% when you wisely say “A leader must show the way with examples of good deeds”.

    “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.

    That’s today’s modern-radical-liberal, such as Joe, whom this disscusion started with.

    I consider myself a classical liberal, which just meant open-minded.

    Again, Joe (as many idiotic liberals) worries not about a baby but a duck.Nice.

    It’s worth repeating your sage advice:
    “A leader must show the way with examples of good deeds”

  5. Daley: Whatever it takes
    ANALYSIS | Whether it’s approving a new museum in Grant Park or putting foie gras back on the menu, if Daley wants it, he gets it

    May 18, 2008Recommend (4)

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
    Mayor Daley is an impatient, results-oriented politician who believes the end justifies the means.

    That guiding principle was underscored by the last week’s back-to-back displays of mayoral muscle — to ram through the repeal of Chicago’s foie gras ban and approval to build a $100 million Chicago Children’s Museum in Grant Park.

    » Click to enlarge image

    Despite widespread opposition, the Daley-controlled city Plan Commission signed off on plans for the Chicago Children’s Museum in Grant Park.
    (Sun-Times file)

    Daley: Father would have approved of museum move
    Commission votes 13-2 for Children’s Museum
    Daley ready for Children’s Museum court battle
    In the case of foie gras, City Council protocol was violated, dissent silenced.

    In the case of the museum, legal covenants that have kept Grant Park “forever open, clear and free” were ignored by the Daley-controlled Chicago Plan Commission.

    Most glaring example
    The mayor is well-aware that a marathon court battle looms that threatens to stall museum construction if, as expected, the City Council concurs. Still, it’s full speed ahead.

    “Everything is gonna be tied up in court … Meigs Field would have never been changed if you were worried about lawyers. I don’t know why everybody is always worried about lawyers. This is ridiculous. You could never function at all — both in the public and private sector — if you were worried about lawyers. You could never make a decision,” said Daley, a lawyer who spent eight years as Cook County state’s attorney.

    The mayor made that statement last week while standing in a building that once served as the passenger terminal at Meigs Field. It was a fitting locale. The midnight destruction of Meigs in March 2003 — by sending in a fleet of bulldozers to carve giant X’s into the airport’s only runway — remains the most glaring example of Daley’s “end justifies the means” style of government.

    There are others
    But Meigs isn’t the only example:

    • • Daley rejected a developer’s request for administrative approval to build Chicago’s second Wal-Mart — and first supercenter that sells groceries — even though the City Council had already granted zoning approval for a big-box store at the Chatham site. The mayor was so concerned about maintaining the delicate labor peace he brokered to bolster his Olympic dreams, he apparently was willing to single out Wal-Mart for special treatment — and let jobs, tax revenue and shopping choices go to the suburbs.

    • • In a move denounced as another illegal land grab, the Daley-controlled Chicago Park District cut a $2 million deal with the Latin School to build a soccer field in Lincoln Park in exchange for prime-time use of the artificial turf. The Park District Board was forced to cancel the contract, reimburse the Latin School for construction funds already spent and pay $40,000 to a neighborhood group only after residents filed a lawsuit and a judge halted construction. That could spell trouble for the children’s museum.

    • • Distrustful of a Regular Democratic Organization that had once betrayed him, Daley established a network of independent political organizations, led by the Hispanic Democratic Organization, that siphoned jobs away from ward organizations in an end-run around the Shakman decree and the Democratic structure. The shadow party worked to elect the mayor and his handpicked candidates and trounce opponents until the city hiring scandal that culminated in the conviction of the mayor’s former patronage chief on charges of rigging city hiring.

    • • Determined to shake up a Chicago Police Department plagued by allegations of corruption, police brutality and barroom brawls involving off-duty officers, Daley handpicked career FBI agent Jody Weis after turning the normal search process on its ear. The mayor rejected three finalists chosen by the Police Board, ordered a second nationwide search, then went around the board entirely.

    • • With potholes and motorists’ claims mounting on Lake Shore Drive, Daley refused to raise the 40-mph winter speed limit and privately threatened to put up signs that blamed roadway conditions on the state. Illinois owes the city $80 million in transportation funds. When City Hall pressure persuaded the state to release $4.5 million for resurfacing work, Daley ordered Transportation Commissioner Tom Byrne to “get it done right away.” The department is now researching the possibility of using a so-called job order contract that would eliminate the need for competitive bidding.

    ‘He doesn’t want to hear it’
    A Daley confidante, who asked to remain anonymous, said the mayor’s style stems from a mix of longevity and personality.

    “When you’re newly elected, you look to avoid repercussions. When you’ve been around a while, you say, ‘You’re gonna criticize what I do anyway. I can’t wait to try and make people happy. I’m just gonna move forward and do what I think is right,’ ” the source said.

    “Mayor Daley wants results. If somebody says, ‘Here are the steps we have to take to get there,’ he doesn’t want to hear it. Sometimes, the desire to get things done quickly ends up blowing up in your face.”

  6. Daley did this to demonstrate his power. And the dopey aldermen went along with it because of fear of reprisals. They don’t still/yet realize that they will be treated with the same lack of respect and disregard for rules. INDICT DALEY NOW

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