Former City of Chicago Employee collapses at Hearing to get job back

A former city of Chicago Employee was carried away by ambulance from the Department of Human Resources at Chicago City Hall today. Many people have no concept of the stress involved in attempting to get your job back. Politics played a part in this man's termination. Many families lose homes, savings, and pensions from losing a job. This man was in a hospital fighting for his life earlier in the day. I hope Mayor Daley looks into the fate of Gary S******. Mayor Daley looked the other way when his son was involved in a Sewer Scandal, maybe he should look out for a young man that refused to take a drug test for moral and ethical reasons. Some people refuse to take a drug test because they know how the City of Chicago is run under Daley. It would be a shame if the person that made the accusations against Gary proved to be in a position he should not have been in. I hope this man will return to work after a fair trial. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. If yo have a CDL, you have to take random drug tests. If two supervisors have probable cause to think you may be under the influence, you have to take a drug test. The same if you are in accident with substancial damage. Rules or rules. Oh wait I sure this owner of this blog would not mind to be driven by a MTD who is high on drugs..

  2. The Personnel Rules and Union Contracts state that refusal to submit to a drug test is grounds for termination.

    Years ago I had two supervisors set me up for a drug test.

    Not trusting the test procedures, I went to a local hospital immediately afterward and had the identical tests repeated.

    All the tests were negative, along with my attitude.

    Even if the dogs of doom are hounding you unmercifully, you can’t refuse to go for these tests when ordered to do so.

    This worker handed them a legitimate defensible and completely legal reason to terminate him.

  3. Come on Pat get your head screwed on straight, you know as well as everyone else that when you work for the city, and most private companies you are subject to random drug tests. You as a Plumber should know, as a member of the Plumbers Union Local 130 that you are also subject to their random drug testing program. It’s a safety issue Pat. And all City workers know that you must take your test when asked to. Cut the crap on “moral and ethical” issues, he didn’t want to take the test because e knows he would have tested HOT. And where is the connection between Daley’s son and refusing to take a drug test????

    (Response) I know of two B.A.s that that need to stop drinking and driving during the day.

  4. Drug-test director protests his firing
    Ex-city official denies he mishandled program
    By Mary Owen | Tribune reporter
    May 11, 2008

    The former chief of Chicago’s drug-testing program said Saturday that he was unfairly dismissed and denied all allegations of mismanagement.

    Russell Baggett, 55, stands accused of failing to include more than 800 truck drivers with commercial driver’s licenses in random drug-testing pools, according to a report from the inspector general’s office. He also is accused of consistently notifying supervisors the day before tests.

    The report, which recommended that Baggett be fired, found no evidence that he received payback, city officials said. The inspector general’s office alleged that Baggett violated basic rules of compliance with federal regulations.

    “Right now, I’m just disturbed,” said Baggett, who was fired Friday after overseeing the city’s drug and alcohol testing program for 14 years. “I’ve been dedicated to this field for over 20 years. I don’t understand what’s going on. I’m extremely disappointed.”

    The city conducts annual random drug tests on about half of its 2,000 employees from several city departments who hold commercial driver’s licenses, he said.

    Anthony Boswell, head of the city’s new Office of Compliance, which oversees the drug and alcohol program, could not be reached for comment Saturday. Mayor Richard Daley said Saturday that he was unfamiliar with the case.

    Baggett maintained he never alerted supervisors about upcoming tests. He also denied allegations that he allowed people who were absent from work the day of their random test to skip the test entirely. Federal rules require that the employee be tested the day they return to work.

    “That is totally preposterous,” he said.

    Baggett said he tested all employees who required it, except in November 2006 when a supervisor instructed him to not test up to 10 Streets and Sanitation drivers. He said he challenged his supervisor but obeyed and then made a complaint that sparked the inspector general’s investigation.

    The report, which was released Tuesday, discusses the incident, but city officials said it is less serious than other allegations against Baggett. They said the investigation began with general complaints about mismanagement of the drug and alcohol testing program.

  5. I just finished reading you story about Gary S###### and I have to say you are so far off that its funny. I thought for a while you were actually trying to do something good for Water Department employees and that you even once in a while hit the nail on the head. Now I know you will write anything as long as it sounds good. Gary not only didn’t do his job he was caught by me several times sleeping in his car. He has a problem with drugs, I made an appointment for Gary to talk get help through the Employee Assistance Program, Gary never followed up with them. Maybe if you did your home work you would know that. Gary refused to take the drug test and stated he couldn’t take it because he would fail it, not for moral and ethical reasons. By the way he was written up by two people that are in the position they should be. I would also like to know how politics played a role in this, in what way did any politician benefit from Gary getting him self fired? Gary was written up several times for insubordination, failure to follow his written directives and the list goes on and on Pat. Next time you are going to post a fabrication about anything that involves me get the facts and post the truth. I would be more then happy to talk to you in person about this. I can be reached between 7:00am and 3:30pm at 39th and Ashland. I’m sure you would not have a hard time getting in contact with me.

    (Response) WTH?

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