Latest Shakman Update for Chicago City Workers and Assult Alleged

Many City of Chicago Employees were ordered today to sign documents, proving they received the Memorandum explaining when they will receive their settlement checks from the City of Chicago. You will need to download Adobe Reader to read the attachment. With-in moments of Patrick McDonough reading the document, he was assaulted by a co-worker. The vicious assault included comments peppered with terms such as "Asshole", "Put that on your website", everyone got their job from politics, Asshole"! The worker assumed a posture of a pending beating. I do not understand why someone would make threats with numerous witnesses. I cannot tell you how difficult it has been working for the City of Chicago when there is still people that do not want to change. It has carried a large toll to be retaliated against day after day while helping change the working conditions of the non-clouted worker. Please contact me if you are subject to retaliation. Click on the PDF file below. Patrick McDonoughShakman Memorandum.pdf ]]>

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  1. If you play this right, you might have the good fortune of one of the minions actually beating your ass.

    So, it’s not only the ghetto rats that get the chance to hit the Lawsuit Lottery.

    Make sure you do nothing that could be construed as provoking the attack and resist the instinct to strike back, just duck and cover and you’ll be guaranteed at least a six figure judgment.

    It’ll help if you bruise easy and it goes without saying that you’ll have plenty of photographic evidence to back up your claim.

    Even better would be to have an audio or video recording of the attack.

    I’d offer my legal services, but you’ve already got the best there is.

    Good luck.

  2. Pat call for violence in workplace. Wonder if the alleged attacker is one of those guys who if they lost their job with city they would not be able to make it in the real world

  3. I witnessed an assault and Battery on a driver, the driver called Police they came, and tried to arrest the criminal, but some one higher stepped in and blocked it. The victim was off for a week due to the assault alledgely, the criminal,never even lost a days pay. HOW THE HELL DOES THAT WORK? the criminal should have been on AL pending an investagation, The driver was retaliated against for being a Whistleblower, It was proven he was a whistle blower, but the city says it did not happen on city time. what a crock !! the committee on finance office made that decision. Do you think he has a good chance to sue from the top management to the Criminal?

    p.s. I was threaten:they said I better not say anything or I will be transfered to central/south.

  4. The settlement list is a whos who of current and former city employees who have had their fact patterns in claims of variuos types of protective class discriminiation(ie race, gender whistleblower, union activties) heard in federal court, state court, EEOC, Department of Labor, Arbitration and have lost. Or the City has prevailed in case of discipline showing they had just cause for the discipline inposed before an arbitrator or a court.

    Now they take their same claims under the guise political discrimination to the monitor who makes no effort to see if any of these claims where ever adjudicated in another forum and just had out my tax dallors based on her opinion of looking at one side of the case.

    She should have her law license revolked.

  5. That guy is lucky all he did was make a gesture of violence at Mr. Mac done ya. Because he would have been shot Pat now packs heat.

  6. City: Don’t retaliate
    Mayor Daley’s chief of staff has sent a memo to city workers warning there had better be no retaliation against more than 1,400 people who got a piece of the $12 million fund to compensate victims of rigged hiring. “Retaliation against claimants is strictly prohibited,” Lori Healey wrote. The awards have fueled tensions between workers and supervisors accused of favoritism — and triggered jealousy among co-workers because some awards were bigger than others.

    Fran Spielman

  7. All the “Retaliation” ought be channeled the right way — ethically against political mafia chieftains, John and Rich Daley.

    What we really ought organize is this: A huge massive general protest downtown against Illinois/Cook/Chicago corruption of OUR government.

    Stroger, the Daleys, Burkes, Madigans, Jacksons, Jesse White, Mell, Tribune, Suntimes, media, Blagojevich and the unions, et al are your enemy.
    Your fellow worker is not your enemy and ought not be retaliated against.
    Carl Segvich – 11th Ward

  8. To anonymous 5:23

    Some of us have had our cases heard and won internally, in front of the Federal Court and the EEOC as well.

    The Monitor’s Accord Form 2, Question 11 asks:

    Have you filed a claim, grievance, or lawsuit about any of these events in any court, administrative agency or before any other entity? If yes, please explain including case number, court or agency. Also state the outcome of the claim, grievance or lawsuit.

    Your assertion that Ms. Brennan didn’t consider these matters is factually incorrect.

    Are you really concerned about your tax dollars at work or do you fear a system where you won’t get special dispensation because of your clout?

    Co-workers protested signing off on the memo regarding retaliation and brought this up to me repeatedly because I won a settlement. They are afraid of their clout world coming to an end and the sky falling in.

    Pat, you should report this to violence in the workplace immediately and document everything.

  9. Do you realize the impact you have at your job. Everyone must be on their toes to insure that they don’t do something cloutful and criminal because you might find out Pat. And you seem like a stand up guy. We need to get an open letter out to Pat Fitzgerald and mail it to him. I forgot what city this happened in but, the mayor has been indicted for receiving profane texts from his mistress. I know he allegedly committed perjury but, look at what Patrick Daley has done with his hiding his interest in a sewer company. And mayor Daley responds that he does not know if his son Patrick was involved in any other city deals. Any other mayor would have to supply details of anything their son was into that involved city business and taxpayer money. This mayor is not being held accountable by the press. The same press that is bashing George Bush while Mayor Daley is running this city like a republican and throwing out all the working class. It’s a criminal joke. This gasket has got to blow!

    (Response) The all new and improved Office of the Inspector General under David Hoffman has been a source of inspiration to me and other taxpayers. There seems to be a higher class of Investigators at the office. Not some kids pimping the Gold Badges like a cheap cop show. The Chicago Inspector General should have their budget doubled. The main problem is Commissioners in the Daley Administration stopping the termination of clout and protected employees. Patrick McDonough.

  10. Pat, you know damn well that Daley will be stripping that office soon and put pee wee herman in charge of cig.

  11. What the the unions say about the MEMO for all city employees to sign?

    I never seen any letter from Local 1001 (Laborers) or 726.

  12. What can the unions say about the memo? Their hands aren’t clean by any stretch of the imagination. Unions did in fact sponsor individuals on the clout list to the detriment of other dues paying members.

    The function of a labor union is to organize workers, negotiate contracts and administer the labor agreement.

    How many pre-selected candidates for promotions were former union stewards, assistant stewards, on safety committees, or accorded other titles? These appointments are clout based and experience garnered shouldn’t be applicable towards a promotion.

    My union allowed my seniority and civil rights to be violated repeatedly.

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