Mayor Daley failed to stop Sexual Harrassment in his Administration

Click on the story below by Fran Spielman to learn about the crazy Daley Administration. Thank you to the ladies at the Department of Water Management that brought this story to my attention. I hope the ladies that work for the City of Chicago keep close tabs on this. Patrick McDonoughInspector general in middle
CITY HALL | Dispute between compliance chief and sex harassment officer
August 21, 2008
BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
Last year, Mayor Daley created an Office of Compliance because he didn't trust his corruption-fighting inspector general to police city hiring.
Inspector General David Hoffman protested, warning that the new office — with powers strikingly similar to his own — could undermine the "effectiveness and independence" of his office.
Now, Office of Compliance director Anthony Boswell is at odds with the city's sexual harassment officer, and the dispute has landed in the lap of — you guessed it — David Hoffman.
It happened after Boswell tried to fire Andra Gomberg for insubordination, claiming she failed to follow a new chain of command requiring her to report to three men, including Boswell.
Gomberg took her case to Hoffman and Corporation Counsel Mara Georges. Gomberg claimed she was being punished for refusing Boswell's demand to rule as "unfounded" a sexual harassment complaint she considered to be legitimate.
On Wednesday, the combatants weren't talking, and the mayor's office was characteristically tight-lipped.
A top mayoral aide would say only that Gomberg has been temporarily transferred out of the Office of Compliance.
"The sexual harassment office has been detailed back to the Department of Human Resources pending a review by the inspector general of a dispute regarding the handling of a sexual harassment complaint," said mayoral press secretary Jacquelyn Heard, refusing to reveal details.
Gomberg is one of the longest-serving officials in a Daley Cabinet known for its turnover.
In 1994, Daley agreed to make Chicago the nation's first major city to establish its own sexual harassment office and hired Gomberg to run it.
At the time, the mayor signed an executive order designed to encourage city employees to report sexual harassment on the job. It was the product of more than a year of work by women's groups and legal experts.
Before her appointment, Gomberg spent the previous 10 years resolving harassment complaints and enforcing anti-discrimination laws as an attorney for the U.S. Education Department's Office of Civil Rights.
Over the years, aldermen have complained repeatedly about the number of complaints not sustained and charged that employees file bogus sexual harassment complaints to get even with bosses who crack the whip. They have demanded penalties against workers who file false claims.
Gomberg has steadfastly resisted such penalties, warning they could have a chilling effect on the willingness of victims to come forward.

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  2. The most disturbing aspect of this report is that Anthony Boswell attempted to intimidate Andra Gomberg in ruling a case unfounded that had merit.

    Last year nearly 88% of charges filed for sexual harassment at the EEOC were by women. Men made up the remaining 12%.

    The thought processes from some members of the City Council are reminiscent of the dark ages. They conjure up images that vicious vixen women are targeting male supervisors and filing false claims.

    The truth is that women come forward because they are driven by fear not animosity.

    Women who file charges become the focal point of an institutional drama. Quite often they are shunned by supervision and co-workers. In traditional male settings, the victim is frequently targeted for retribution.

    What is actually unfounded are the irrational fears of members of the City Council.

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