Chicago City Workers Set to lose jobs to Daley's Private Contractors

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Big John’s Contractors Inc. is one contractor you will see on the Chicago public streets on a regular basis. When I worked for the Chicago Department of Water Management Central District, I found them on Ogden Avenue making sewer repairs. Now that I am back to the North District, I found them also making repairs at 3940 West Armitage. They were fixing a building sewer. I was concerned because they did not saw cut the ditch all the way down past the concrete. When they broke the concrete you can see pieces of concrete missing. I know the CDOT Inspectors have been writing up tickets for this violation. I felt sorry for these guys as they only had two workers on the job with no shoring (trench box) in the ditch. Also, Big John’s is located in Westchester, Illinois, a long ride for these suburbanites to drive every day. Chicago City Workers are facing layoffs and Mayor Daley’s patronage army is allowing contractors outside the city to take our work. Did a Chicago Inspector check this job? This company is not a signatory contractor with Plumbers Local 130. Journeyman’s Plumbers Local 130 has a reported 700 members out of work, a record high. I did not see a permit on the property so I assuming this is part of Mayor Daley’s sewer program. I called the Department of Water Management to get some information and they seemed incapable of handling the task. The man that answered the phone at 744-7001 told me to call procurement at 744-4900. Procurement said they have “Nothing to do with that”. I knew that but ended up calling 311 and they will look into this matter. (Reference Number 08-01740201) The lady at 311 wondered why a non-city crew would be working in the street. I am looking into the private businesses that get free sewer work. Patronage can elect a president and make a man very wealthy. I think Mayor Daley should step away from the (oxygen) bar in Denver and get back home to help the taxpayers, does that man ever stop partying?

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  1. Patty, as usual you are wrong, that picture is of a commercial job, the owner of the building is paying for the sewer repair NOT TAX PAYERS Big Johns is licensed to do sewer repair in Chicago and has no contract to do PDP repairs there is one company that does them besides the city they also do water main construction but their name skips my mind, I am sure someone will name them. and they also have former caulkers working for them as plumbers check that out also any questions e mail me i will answer you

    (Response) Are ya sure? I am usually months ahead on my stories! Gmail me on the front page. Thanks Pat.

  2. Patricia, hehe I remember the company name now, Benchmark Construction, they do Watermain Construction and use former caulkers as “licensed” plumbers, ask some inspectors that work for Water Management,you can e mail me at the address I provide

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