Mayor Daley's private (pals) contractors take more city jobs.

Sumit Construction.jpg
Sumit Construction Company Inc. is located in Skokie, Illinois. This young man is drilling holes in the concrete for rebar. Cicero Avenue in Chicago is a mess; the road is so bad you could bite your tongue with the large potholes. I thought this was a State of Illinois controlled road but I called Sumit and they told me the work was under a contract with the City of Chicago. I must admit the young man worked very hard, but I was concerned, he was all by himself in the middle of a major road. I thought it would be nice to have other people around should he get run over. Mayor Daley should reconsider all the privatization that is costing city workers their jobs. Mayor Daley fires workers for not living in the City so how can this be legal? It defies logic! The taxpayers are not saving money having contractors and workers located outside the city limits. They are not paying for the corruption and waste, they are profiting from it. I know it helps get elections rigged in the suburbs and extents clout beyond the Chicago City limits, but it immoral. Patronage continues through the use of contractors and patronage continues in the Daley Administration every day. Photo by Patrick McDonough