Mayor Daley's Department of Revenue keeps very busy

Chicago Department of Revenue.jpg
Yesterday I had fun with my sons in downtown Chicago. Whenever I have time, I make sure I spend it with my children. My kids were quick to learn the tow trucks in Chicago run day and night. We watched tows in private lots also. The picture includes a Chicago Revenue employee, Michael, Patrick, and David McDonough. Mayor Daley has these city workers going almost non-stop. I am going to do a story on how Mayor Daley is having private towing companies (pony up for Barack Obama please) assist Revenue agents tow trucks. Many of these tow truck companies are located in the suburbs. Most of Mayor Daley’s Chicago Department of Revenue employees work very hard at a difficult and dangerous job, but if you think Chicago millionaires want extra cars in their neighborhood, you are sadly mistaken! Watch out Chicago, the orders are out to crank out the tickets and tow the cars. Do you think Mayor Daley will privatize the parking meters? I do not think the 11th Ward would allow a cash business to slip out of their hands. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Vote for Barack Obama and see more jobs like this in Chicago

Chicago Christian Industrial League.jpg
Mayor Daley must have picked up some good tips from the Chinese on how to privatize. This is a non-for-profit Chicago Christian Industrial League getting ready to replace Chicago Street and Sanitation workers. Richard J. Daley would never allow this but just like the Bush family the kids are never as smart as the old man. I heard through the grapevine that Alderman in Chicago are starting to see the results of failing to do their job. Chicago has fifty Aldermen that have failed to protect the working class of this city. Watch them do nothing as Chicago families continue to lose homes, while the rich continue to enjoy the good life. I hope many of you that have forgotten my predictions in the past, get ready to take non-union low paying jobs soon. Can we wait for the Chicago Olympics 2016 as Mayor Daley waves to us from his perch high above as we perform for free to entertain the billionaires of the world? Did you notice during the Olympic broadcast the host brought up Chicago several times for hosting the Olympics? How much did that cost? If Daley and Ryan can have that kind of influence, you must be impressed. (money) Just think if these Chicago leaders put forth that effort to fix the roads and infrastructure. Photo by Patrick McDonough

7016 North Clark Street Cave-in disaster Politics and Clout

North Clark.jpg I noticed in the paper today a clear and concise explanation of a near disaster in Alderman Joe Moore’s Ward. I think Mayor Daley should put Fran Spielman in charge of the City. I cannot understand why the City of Chicago authorized a contractor to make repairs to a street they destroyed. I will explain the cause of this safety violation that could have caused lives if not for the heroic efforts of CPD Officer Harris. I do not know who would allow this company to make a major repair when the repair was far out of the scope of the contract and they are not an approved vendor for street repairs. The gas company far exceeded their authority when they asked the contractor to bring sand in. When I first went on the scene, I asked for backhoes and plates. I asked for dump trucks and a leak crew. I asked for tow trucks. The City of Chicago had only one tow truck on duty for the entire city. The driver does not have a key for the denver boot. As precious time was wasted, a supervisor had to be dispatched. That supervisor was not allowed to make a decision and waited for his supervisor to respond. That supervisor told us no crew could come out and the gas company would take over. (City of Chicago Gas Company?) Was it because of the overtime? Last Friday, a Foreman work sixteen hours straight(3:00p.m. until 7:00 a.m. and then was called in for more overtime Saturday morning! (About another 8 hours of overtime). Anyway, as time was wasting, the sand that was underneath the concrete and the asphalt continued to fall into the middle of the ditch. The ditch did not have shoring, even though this was a major street with truck and bus traffic. As the sand went away with every passing moment, the concrete became a ledge. Concrete may be strong but only when properly supported. The steel plating was far too short for the ditch and one plate was like a teeter totter. None of the plates had been pinned to the asphalt and no asphalt was placed at the start of the plates to avoid rough contact and sliding. Inspectors from Chicago should enforce the rules to avoid this disaster. The City of Chicago should inspect every open ditch on every street. Contractors with sub-standard rental equipment should not be taking apart major streets. Last but not least, the saw-cutting of our roads should be done by a registered company; saw cutting a few inches down destroys the concrete under the asphalt when you break out the concrete. Is Mayor Daley making sure contractors compact the soil before the concrete and asphalt patch is repaired? Will Mayor Daley check if this is a Union company? Did the Company hire a licensed Union Plumber to install the new water service? Were the workers hired by Boro’s Plumbing competent and certified in trenches? Have any Plumbing Inspectors ever taken a gift from the company? I heard Boros Plumbing was a signatory member of Plumber’s Local 130, but now they are non-union. Did this company pay prevailing wage when they worked outside the scope of the permit. I hope when this company is finished with the major repairs they show me a signed contract from the City of Chicago authorizing work far beyond the scope of the trench they asked for. The guy in charge of the scene to move the backhoe for Boros was “Dragon”. I think Mayor Daley needs to look at how his Administration responds to decisions during a crisis! I think all the stores in the area that lost revenue and the problems it caused the Fire Station was a sin. The Chicago Police did a great job. The Department of Water Mangement workers did a outstanding job. I think politics and Clout had a major hand in the handling of this, I can’t wait to testify. Photo by Patrick McDonough]]> Continue reading “7016 North Clark Street Cave-in disaster Politics and Clout”

Mayor Daley's Answer to the Budget Woes, Rest and More Rest!

The Chicago Alderman and Mayor Daley lied to the Chicago public for months. Mayor Daley went to China despite the massive budget deficit. To reduce the hemorrhaging, union leaders are going to cozy up to Daley, and sell jobs. Before anyone I know loses their job, we are going to fight to remove these clout contractors with no-bid, do nothing contracts. Enjoy this picture of Christy Webber landscapers enjoying the workday. Christy Webber is a scab non-union company that is well connected. They are on the “in” in Chicago politics. When Mayor Daley wants some flowers or sprucing up for VIPs visiting our broke city, he know who to call. Christy Webber made a fortune by cashing in on her “Disability”, being a woman. I do not think after a certain amount of time or success, contractor should get a leg up because of their choice of sex partners, their sex, or race. The set asides in Chicago are corrupt and loaded with crime and clout. Mayor Daley should make every contractor bid on every job, large or small. Christy Webber does not deserve anymore no-bid work. Many of these companies pay their workers poorly with no benefits, just like the Hired Truck Program. I think it is time for Christy Webber to put on her overalls and start to act like a man and compete with the big guys. I think she could do it! Remember Chicago “Let’s take a siesta” and rest. Now if city workers got caught doing this, what would happen? Fight for your jobs city workers! Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley Budget is a Disgrace! City Workers Will Be Fired

Many months ago, I told you Mayor Daley is running the City of Chicago into the Ground! Mayor Daley has no self control when it comes to spending. I made it clear; the City of Chicago is broke! Chicago Clout readers knew these 420 million dollars of debt was on the way with more debt in the horizon. Now that many Chicago City Workers will lose their jobs, it is time to fight back! If you are a Chicago City Worker and you lose your job, read my prescription for payback. Make a list of every contactor working at your department. Make a list of every sub-contractor working at your department. Then take the list and e-mail it here: [email protected] I hope you enjoy this picture of Bannerville U.S.A. Bannerville puts up the banners on light poles and in the parks. I hope someone tells the Mayor of Chicago this is a luxury that is not needed. Chicago is so poorly run; the Daley Administration did not admit or know the City is heading into bankruptcy! I suggest the company that is located in Burr Ridge to move into the City of Chicago to keep our taxpayer money in the city. I also hope the Chicago city employees get a camera and start taking photos of contractors taking their job. In this picture you will see one guy busting his tail doing the work and another with his leg up on the door styling and profiling. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley parties in China, Chicago poor have water turned off!!!

While Mayor Daley enjoys parties and rubs elbows with billionaires in China, his poor residents do not have money to pay the water bills. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management has even put their plumbers into full duty turning the water off. Special crews were formed, including Investigators, to assist in shutting off water. Patrick McDonough, an employee of the Department of Water Management has felt the brunt of shutting off the water as young children will not have water to flush the toilet. "I am grateful to Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times and ABC Channel 7 News for making people aware of the suffering in the Westside and Southside of Chicago", said McDonough. Families suffering water shutoffs can e-mail us at Chicago Clout to get assistance, we will help five families. Mayor Daley needs to come to the Westside of Chicago to witness the large amount of "For Sale" signs and vacant houses in Chicago. Patrick McDonough. Continue reading “Mayor Daley parties in China, Chicago poor have water turned off!!!”

New Chicago Clout Plumbing Show will air soon!

Chicago Clout is looking to do a show on Plumbing in Chicago! This will be a show that explains what the pitfalls of the Plumbing Trade in Chicagoland are. This show will help homeowners get true value from members of Plumber's Local 130. This show will help homeowners avoid phony Plumbers. Two hosts on the suggestion list are Chicago Plumbing Inspectors Pat Haran and Dennis Pienas. Please have them contact Chicago Clout. I am leaning towards Michael McGann. Please give your suggestions for a host of the show. Patrick McDonough.

Blogo Outs Double Dipping Chicago Politicians

Enjoy this nice little beauty, click here: Mike Flannery is getting smart to Chicago Politicians that are double dipping. Two Department of Water Management employees enjoy their second jobs a State Representatives. They also enjoyed their Shakman Violations that helped them get up the ladder. I think some people say “That’s how we Roll”. Chicago is broke, I told you that a long time ago. Mayor Daley is in China as Chicago rolls into bankruptcy. If the CTA tracks are falling apart, why would we need new trains? The phones are off the hook for double dippers, just ask John D’Amico. If you ever have been fired from Chicago for missing too many days off, just contact us. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Water Department Operating Engineer Assaulted

Water Department Wars.jpg Today at around 8:30 a.m. a group of Chicago Department of Water Management employees were visited by the Chicago Police. I was exiting a restroom and was faced by two of Chicago’s finest Police Officers. Both the Police Officers were demanding to know what happened and why. The best I can make of it was Saul “The Jew” Charak, an Operating Engineer of Local 150, was physically assaulted by a much younger laborer. Saul is a very nice man of 67 years of age. The City of Chicago has a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to workplace violence, unless you have Clout. Saul has been teased for his strong support of Bernie Stone and his religion. I have witnessed Saul teased for his religion. I hope the Chicago Department of Water Management will investigate this and take corrective measures. Someone should call Senator Munoz and find out who to call at the department to get the matter covered-up! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Department of Water Management Visit by Chicago Police

Wabansia Wars 2.jpg The City of Chicago Department of Water Management had a visit by the Chicago Police today. We must stop Violence in the Workplace and have zero tolerance now! This happened in the Wabansia Yard at 3822 West Wabansia at about 8:30 a.m. today. More on this story above. Photo by Patrick McDonough