Chicago Clout starts new game "Who got the bribe?"

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Thank you everyone for our new game show “Who got that bribe?” Say it louder “WHO GOT THAT BRIBE?” Let me explain to you how the game works. Contractors take short cuts to save money. The unsuspecting homeowner has no clue until later. I will give you a real money saver for contractors, instead of a brand new water service from the water main to the brand new piping at the meter in the house; the contractor gives a bribe to the Plumbing Inspector. The Plumbing Inspector gives a cut to his boss, and up the chain we go! A contractor saves tens of thousands by not putting new pipe in and the homeowner has no clue! You can put a phony piece of copper in near the foundation and cover it up, or put a new copper service in from just past the round way (shut off valve) in the parkway. I hope the Plumbing Inspector that inspected this home goes back to make things right, I would hate to see someone go to jail over this! Remember the old saying; do onto others as you wish them to do onto you! Photo by Patrick McDonough. Note: part of the photo is edited out until later.

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  1. Wait I know that Building…yes its Patrick McDonough Suburban home where he does not live. I spent many nights keep that house under watch on your residency case.

    So you are admitting to giving bribes to a Suburban Plumbing Inspector. Wow. Call Fran from the Sun Times. Call the Chicago IG

    (Response) Thank you for the best post you can offer!

  2. Sadly, who got the bribe? regarding building inspectors to any city employee will not interest the US Attorney’s office, FBI, or David Hoffman and the IG Office. Because according to the FBI, in apartments – city kickbacks for bad buildings (mind you, city accepts apartment condo conversion cases because somehow being a condo matters)that would cost the owner money – repairs, not renting everything again, maybe being closed, losing rent during repairs, losing rent for not admitting to there being repairs needed for existing tenants and new tenants for the year, court fees, lawyer fees, tenants lawyers fees, tenants winning damages…
    all of this being avoid by the owner, alderman on the take to keep city away — once again is not part of the who took the bribe game – the fbi says it is merely negligence. wow. thanks agents smartypants

  3. Presumably this property is currently for sale.

    As always, especially in this town, buyer beware.

  4. That is Pat’s house in. Better call their IG since Pat must be offer bribes to their Building Inspectors.

    By the way I hear that an invesigattional reporter has taken an interest in you. might want to see whole is following you your home

    (response) easy on the substance dude!

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