Kids laugh at Mayor Daley's traffic cameras Red light cameras

Not everyone is happy with Mayor Daley’s new tax generator, the Traffic camera. I have always been worried this visual pollution would become a road hazard. This camera toppled right where the drivers head would have hit the windshield. Not good. The kids pictured here were laughing hysterically. I pray for the driver. Well Chicago is broke and we need all the income we can get, so damned be everyone. I do not like traffic cameras in Chicago because they make drivers paranoid, they cause re-end collisions. This drivers attempt to remove the camera was not the way to do it. Vote out Daley and these lousy cameras. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “Kids laugh at Mayor Daley's traffic cameras Red light cameras”

  1. When a government wastes and steals so much of the revenues it takes in through taxations that it must then depend upon fines garnered from it’s citizens regularly violating laws, and then creates more and more laws for the sole purpose of ensuring that it’s citizens will be violating some law, and fined for doing so, most of the time, you know that that government is defective to the point of being akin to a fatal disease.

    The only cure to this disease is the demise of that government.
    (Response) Demise? Strong lingo?

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