Chicago City Workers get the job done at Streets and Sanitation

Chicago Bureau of Forestry.jpg
Picture take September 4, 2008. I hope you are aware the City of Chicago has a hardworking bunch of workers at the Bureau of Forestry. Thaw last storm we had taxed these workers to the limit. I was surprised that wards like Patrick “Phat” Levar’s in the 45th were left in disarray. Stumps and branches left all over the parkways and streets left his constituents very upset. His taxpaying public asked me what I could do, I told them to dial 311. I did not tell them about the way Mayor Daley and his friends really give services. First the Mayor takes care of his friends and wealthy neighbors, than the Commissioner’s Specials are next, then the Aldermanic requests, and Specials. I really feel sorry for the taxpayers of Chicago, we think we are all going to get services in the order they were called in. Remember, there is a pecking order, I would expect that from Republicans, but not Democrats. Workers told me they were not afforded overtime because the City of Chicago is broke. I am concerned leaving the public way in such poor condition, but that is me! Thanks for the hard work Bureau of Forestry. Photo by Patrick McDonough.