Arnie "Herman Munster" Duncan Goes To Washington

Arnie Duncan.jpg Chicago Public Schools are some of the worst in the nation. The outgoing boss is Arnie Duncan; he has destroyed Chicago Public Schools. People wonder why the United States of America is going through rough times. Our leaders promote their friends and pals because they themselves are not trustworthy, so they need people to cover their backs. If I was at O’Hare Airport, I would help Arnie on to the next plane. Obama is putting the same bunch of politicians in power, so much for change. I am happy Chicago people are getting promoted to national positions, but I was hoping for change. Duncan is twice as tall as Mayor Daley, and reminds me of Herman Munster. Photo made better by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Not shocking!

    Not in the least bit surprising. It is par for the course.

    The course is towards utter , stunningly utter MORAL DECAY.

    To wit:

    A witless idiot and moron school boss, Arne Duncan, (appointed by “useful
    idiot” Richard Michael Daley) promotes a public homosexual school for
    cross-dressing kids. He wants to segregate and cater to kids who may want
    to practice homosexuality in Chicago.

    Conman promotes said idiot to our United
    States of America Secretary of
    our Department of Education.

    For good measure; 1)Less than 55% of fresmen end up graduating. 2) CPS students are being M-U-R-D-E-R-E-D here moe than anywhere in our nation.


    PS – Will Ayers take Arne’s job? Will scummy Daley appoint bomber Ayers?

    -Par for Our Tragic Course-

    (Response) Carl, you worry too much about gays. They do not worry about you and you are still single?

  2. Concerned for society, not “worried”. I do not “worry” about anything.
    This is a deeper problem that is going over your head.
    Our nation is spiraling into moral decadence. John Adams stated our constitution is only good for a moral nation.

    Please think, and don’t be afraid or close-minded.

    Think: think society, family, right and wrong, sociology, political psychology, morality. Think Morality!

    Think what yor religion teaches you about believing in the devil. No offense, but do you remember that one.

    I think YOU ARE THE ONE that “worries” about homosexuality and homosexuals (btw it’s not “gays”. “gay” is slang for those who worry and are afraid to speak properly and truthfully). You may be afraid to “OFFEND” your homosexual friends.

    Test: Out of all your homosexual friends, how many of them want a High School built to protect cross-dressing kids and homosexual kids. (Also how many of these friends of yours march like an idiot in a homosexual day parade.

    I’ll just guess the answer is the same as mine. 0 Zero 0 . None. not one.

    Not 1 of all of my homosexual friends and acquaintances participate in this non-sense or would promote the COMPLETELY DERANGED idea of a Homosexual High School.

    It’s personal. It’s too personal. We keep these things P-R-I-V-A-T-E.

    If you love your world , you tell the truth to the world ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS ON Public Policy.

    Please understand. I hope you are starting to get this now.

    It makes perfect sense and this all comes together now to see what is going on today!! Politicians are liars. They lie about how they feel about Public Policy. They lie to get votes. Are you getting it now? Please.

    And finally, here ya go—– The Minority is running the Majority.

    INEXPLICABLE, except I just gave you a good explanation on society of today.

    The world is upside down. The MINORITY actually rules the Majority.

    Our oldest tenet “Majority rules” , has been completely turned upside down.

    The conservatives tell the truth. The radical liberals who have lost touch with “classical liberalism” lie through their teeth to themselves and they lie thru their teeth to the homosexual community.

    At the same time the activist homosexual community (the radical activistic minority) are not shy—they are shameless. Meanwhile the conservatives are timid.

    Ergo the phrase: Democrats are shameless, republicans are gutless.

    Again don’t you see cowardice or don’t you see something wrong when the MINORITY rules the MAJORITY?!

    P.S. One wouldn’t raise their kids this way.
    Conman-elect and the Kennedys and other rotten “public servants” send their kids to private schools, and refuse us idiot citizens, vouchers.

  3. I think it is very admirable that Carl Segavich “11th Ward Republican Committeemen” has chosen your site to come out of the closet.

    To quote Carl: “It’s personal. It’s too personal. We keep these things P-R-I-V-A-T-E.”

    When you refer to WE,; it implies you. You being the one who keeps these things private. I respect your privacy, but i finally agree with you that you are gay. Your idol Pat Buchanan would be disgusted, but Larry Craig might want to talk with you at O’Hare Airport.

  4. Dismissed Fire inspectors win their jobs back
    December 18, 2008

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
    Eight inspectors from Chicago’s Fire Prevention Bureau fired for accepting cash payments in exchange for making weekend pump inspections at high-rises will be getting their jobs back.

    An independent arbitrator has ruled that newly appointed Fire Commissioner John Brooks acted too harshly when he fired the eight inspectors and that 30-day suspensions were more appropriate.

    Although not explicitly condoned by the Fire Department, the practice of accepting “several hundred dollars” for every weekend inspection has been going on since the late 1980s, the arbitrator said.

    The ruling further contended that the eight inspectors were long-term employees with good work records and that there was no evidence the cash payments influenced how weekend inspections were conducted.

    Tom Ryan, president of the Chicago Fire Fighters Union Local 2, said he was thrilled, but not surprised.

    “There’s a progression of discipline. This was something, we felt, did not justify termination. Obviously, the arbitrator agreed with us. It’s a great Christmas present for those involved,” Ryan said.

    Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said the department “accepts the arbitration without comment.”

    “We believe the changes that we have made within the bureau will prevent a repeat of those practices that were called into question in the first place, especially the scheduling of inspections and testing on weekends outside of the normal work hours,” Langford said.

    “Any weekend inspections and testing will now only be done by on-duty personnel who will only be compensated within the rules of the collective bargaining agreement and nothing more,” he said.

    Fire pumps boost the water pressure to a level needed to operate sprinklers and standpipe systems that serve the upper floors of high-rises.

    The equipment is inspected annually with a water-pressure test witnessed by a fire inspector. Building owners pay a $300 inspection fee and send a check to the Fire Prevention Bureau that is forwarded to the city’s Revenue Department. Once the check is in, an appointment is scheduled. Individual inspectors do not handle money. Until recently, they did not work weekends.

    The eight inspectors — and two others who chose to retire — were accused of conducting or arranging inspections on weekends, when the test that generates a heavy flow of water would be less disruptive.

    When the scandal broke, former union president Bill Kugelman predicted that the firings would be reversed. He argued that the practice of accepting payment for weekend pump inspections was a courtesy that’s been “going on for years.”

    “It was for the convenience of the building managers. They always say, ‘Come back on Saturday or Sunday when we’re not busy.’ And they throw a guy a few bucks or buy him lunch. If this goes to arbitration, these guys are gonna win,” Kugelman said.


    (Response) can I have some fun once in a while?

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