Chicago Department of Water Management Hero Unmasked John Zander

John Batman Zander.jpg Many people would like to star in the movies. Deep down many people live their fantasies in uniforms. The City of Chicago hired many Chicago Police officers to calm the storm in the Water Department. I do not know what the police know about water distribution any more than laborers know anything about acting. Double dipping runs in the Department, or so I have heard! Photo by Patrick “Deep Water” McDonough.

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  1. Maybe Mr. (ugly) Zanders will be an actor on hearings while in the movies? he sure sucked at those hearings while at the water dept. Just like what he gave Kolomy for that FIRE that happened, he gave kolomy only 3 days I think when he should have gotten 29 days suspension, But those lies that were told on that fire, the coverup that Mr. Kolomy was involved in. Now just for examples, lets just suppose (IN MY OPINION ONLY,-alledgely) That there was a laborer that was fueling the pump, he was on probation, so if he got in trouble he would be fired on the spot. But this nice hell of guy!! and I mean that with the utmost respect for him!! says “Hey Mr.F you can not get in any trouble while your still on probation, I will take the “hit” for you, and Mr. Kolomy says “hey that will work” so Mr. Kolomy does a cover up so Mr. F doesn’t get fired, then Mr. Kolomy goes back and continue his crossword puzzles while on city time!! Does he ever watch what his crew is doing? Does he ever make sure his crew is still there? I mean for alledgly,does he ever turn his back and let the crew go home early? or for that matter come to the job site like 8:30 am? or lets take it further, suppose now just think of suppose, (alledgely) that a person on his crew goes to the doctor–mercy works on harlem-gets there at 9 am, gets out of the doctors office at 10 am and arrives at the job site like at 1:30 pm. 3 1/2 hours later and doesn’t question this person? why is what I would ask? because maybe Mr. Kolomy is in a coverup again. I believe he has done this in the past alledgely, There might be people that will come forward about this corruption, I believe the Feds might like to know of this corruption alledgely !!!!!

  2. Jon Zander is an evil man and is the hatchet man and does the dirty work in firing people for politics and keeping files on people. Jon Zander should be fired and in jail.

  3. That is gonna haunt him but good.

    …Adding… TIME Magazine has a piece called: “Could Blago Cause Trouble for Daley?” which includes this point…

    Harris, who served as a deputy police superintendent and city budget director, helped run the Hired Truck program under Daley.

    That program wasn’t “run” out of the budget office, but Harris did know a whole lot about what was happening on the 5th Floor.

    Way down at the very bottom was this…

    Others doubt that Harris presents any threat to his former boss. “Daley has always been smart enough to insulate himself enough,” said one longtime city official. “It’s not money, really, that pushes Daley. Ego and votes do. The feds keep throwing darts at the board and nothing has stuck. They’ve never been able to catch him in a lie. Now Harris may be able to do that, or he may not. All we know is Harris fell in with a den of thieves, and he got hooked up.”

    That probably should’ve been at the top. The question is whether Harris was a “buffer” or whether there were buffers between Harris and Daley. If it’s the former, Daley has reason to be worried. If it’s the latter, then this will go away like everything else in Daley World.

  4. Chicago, IL. — Mayor Richard Daley says embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich needs to do the right thing for his family and the people of Illinois. The mayor of Chicago spoke Saturday after dedicating a new police station.

    Blagojevich was arrested earlier this week at his home and is accused of plotting to sell President-elect Barack Obama’s vacant seat in the U.S. Senate. Daley says the governor “has to look really deep in his heart and in his soul to figure out what is good for his family and the people of Illinois.”

    Daley says he won’t comment on any other public officials involved in the scandal.

  5. “Daley says he won’t comment on any other public officials involved in the scandal.”

    Of course not.

    Any comments he could make would be self incriminating.

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