Chicago Clout on Blagojevich and Lisa Madigan Fight for Power

I am very happy to find out a very prestigious Attorney is part of the Blagojevich case. A former top flight Attorney from Loevy and Loevy is currently working for the Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan. His name is Jon Rosenblatt, an Assistant Attorney General of Special Litigation Bureau. Jon Rosenblatt was the Attorney for McDonough vs. City of Chicago lawsuit until he took the new position with the Illinois Attorney General. I do not know if Lisa Madigan should attempt to remove Rod from office, it is almost like firing your own brother. I think we should leave everything to the FEDS, let them finish what they started. Maybe if Lisa could find out what Patrick Daley's interests were in his multiple Chicago Contracts we can let her handle bigger and better things. Too much inbreeding in Chicago Politics! Nice job Jon! Please watch this video from Channel 2 News Chicago. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Pat, what a bunch of actors these Illinois pols are. It took them a few days to fake outrage over something they knew was going on and over something several of them participated in. The mask has been taken off of the Lone Ranger (only the Lone Ranger is a good guy). Will Obama get rid of Fitzgerald? If he does then Fitzgerald needs to release the secret tapes of Emanuel and knock that crook out of the box. Fitz is biased Pat, but not that biased. Remember his venom at going after Scooter Libby for a technicality crime? It took him 2 years. If Fitz lets Jessie jr. walk then we know for sure where he stands. I liked Jessie jr. until he chickened out and did’nt run against Daley. If he is not charged with any felonies then he will still be toast as far as national politics go. But at least maybe then he will run for mayor of Chicago. Daley is on his last legs. He is an old man who had better slow down for the sake of his having clogged arteries and stroke potential, remember John Stroger? Obama gets onto the national stage and all of a sudden our local pols forget about us and want to be on the national stage too with all their buddies. They forgot that when someone is investigated by the feds you shouldn’t be conning on the phone with them. It would take 3 pages to dissect all this good news in the news. We have got a lot to observe. Pat, see why I don’t go to the movies anymore. I get plenty of entertainment from reading my news online. I stopped buying the Suntimes and Tribune. Let them fold with the biased crap they write. Phew!

  2. Do you realy think Lisa Madigan would even attempt to go after Patrick Daley?
    I doubt it very much. Have you forgotten that Patrick is the Kings Son, and the King and his family can do know wrong. Lisa Madigan, believes she has a good chance of being Illinois new Senator, for sure she is not going to step on Mayor Daley’s toes.

  3. lisa’s maneuverings, (actually, her daddy’s maneuverings), are aimed at slickstering lisa into the governor’s mansion, not the US Senate.

    Pat Quinn’s the one who’s got his little, leprechaun heart set on the US Senate seat.

    here’s how they’re all hoping to get what they want:

    1. lisa, (papa mikie), gets the state supreme court to grant her absurd request and, bingo, patty boy quinn is now the governor.

    2. quinn appoints himself the US Senator, thus making lisa the governor, sans that pesky thing called an election.

    3. mikie madigan now controls both the executive branch and the illinois house of representatives, effectively ruling the state.

    4. the daley boy’s can now take their thumbs out of their asses and fart to their heart’s content, as, having their lackey, alvarez, as the county state’s attorney, their booty buddy, madigan, as de facto governor and factual dictator of the state house, their other booty buddy’s wife, annie ‘burkely’, as the swing vote on the state’s highest court, and a slew of co-conspirators occupying the white house, the likelihood of these rascals ever having to answer for their many fraudulent acts will be next to nil.

    So much for those checks and balances……..

  4. Uncomfortable spotlight shone on Patti Blagojevich
    Her real estate deals are under federal scrutiny, and her rants, now infamous, stand out on descriptions of recordings taken from Blagojevich family home
    By John Chase and David Kidwell | Tribune reporters
    December 14, 2008
    Even before her voice was heard on covert recordings made by federal investigators, First Lady Patricia Blagojevich was neck-deep in the federal probe of her husband and his administration.

    Once a residential real estate broker on the North Side, Patricia Blagojevich left that career this year amid scrutiny from the Tribune and federal agents who have for a year been examining whether clients hired her to win favor from her husband’s administration.

    But her decision to change careers didn’t seem to slow the investigation, which sped up in recent weeks after federal agents tapped the Blagojevich’s phones and caught the first lady joining her husband on calls in which he talked about how his authority to pick President-elect Barack Obama’s replacement in the U.S. Senate could be leveraged to help find her a seat on paid corporate boards.

    Before that, though, federal agents—following years of news coverage—were probing hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions Patricia Blagojevich earned in previous years as a real estate broker for political supporters, fundraisers and state contractors.

    The documents: Madigan’s case for Blagojevich’s removal
    Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich arrested on federal charges
    U.S.: Senate pick was for sale
    Governor’s wife supported his pay-to-play Senate scheme, complaint alleges
    Gov. Blagojevich and me
    Criminal Complaint
    Question of the day
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    A year ago, one real estate agent told the Tribune that FBI agents contacted her with questions about her involvement with Patricia Blagojevich in the 2004 sale of a $3.2 million Gold Coast home. The seller was an investment banker and contributor to the governor’s campaign fund who hired the first lady as his second agent on the deal.

    That was only the most recent example. Patricia Blagojevich had an eight-year working relationship with Antoin “Tony” Rezko, a onetime powerful developer and Blagojevich fundraiser who was found guilty this summer on influence-peddling charges.

    A Tribune analysis this year found that Blagojevich’s real estate company, River Realty, made more than $700,000 in commissions after her husband began raising money in 2000 for his first run for governor. Of those commissions, more than three-quarters came from clients with connections, the newspaper found.

    After all but leaving real estate behind, Patricia Blagojevich in recent months tried her hand at investment banking. She worked at a boutique Chicago firm, North Star, but never made a sale and left. In September, she took a job as a full-time fundraiser for the Chicago Christian Industrial League, a job she still holds, said CCIL spokeswoman Jenny Brandhorst.

    Now Blagojevich finds herself with even more legal problems because her voice is heard on the phone calls that FBI agents overheard with a federal wiretap.

    In the 78-page federal criminal complaint filed against her husband, prosecutors said Patricia Blagojevich helped her husband with his plans to sell the Senate seat and in the process talked about trying to get herself a profitable spot on a corporate board. But much of the media attention has focused on her profanity-laced comments, captured on the federal recordings, in which she encouraged her husband to try to get Chicago Tribune editorial writers fired as part of the state’s ongoing negotiations with the Tribune Co., which was trying to get state help selling Wrigley Field. Tribune Co., which owns the Chicago Tribune, also owns the Chicago Cubs.

    “Hold up that [expletive] Cubs [expletive],” she is quoted as saying in the background. “[Expletive] them.”

    Her appearance on the tapes adds a layer of complexity to an already convoluted legal situation.

    One legal scholar said the privilege spouses have protecting them from testifying against their husband or wife does not apply when the spouse is part of the conspiracy. Whether Patricia Blagojevich would be considered part of the conspiracy as the result of the conversation made on tape would have to be determined by a court, said Paul Stancil, a professor at the University of Illinois College of Law.

    “But that’s a tough argument to assert,” he said.

    Stancil, though, said if Patricia Blagojevich wants to testify against her husband, she could waive the privilege voluntarily.

    “That’s the more interesting and more troubling aspect for [the governor],” he said.

  5. That poor guy at Merrilville Academy, the founder mr. Smith I believe his name was. When Blago got into office there was a death at Merrilville. Merrilville is where children without decent parents go. It’s sort of an orphanage but nicer. Blago’s ego got into a clash with mr. Smith, a guy who was there at Merrilville for 40 years. They even have a statue for the guy in front of the place, It’s Smith throwing a kid in the air in a playful manner. Well Blago was new in office and he wanted changes over there. He then was gonna shut the orphanage down unless they fired Smith. And Blago gave them a 30 day ultimatum. They fired Smith, the founder just to satisfy Blago’s ego. This is what had first alerted me to how rotten Blago was. I am watching with a big smile on my face as Blago goes down. And Blago aint going down in a smooth and quick way either. I said 3 years ago that when Blago goes down he is gonna go down by taking everyone else down with him. And that’s why I think Genson is handling his case. The Gov is broke and I think Daley is scared so he got him a lawyer so Blago don’t rat everyone else out. Kass wrote about this. Thank God for Kass. Obama is a big spending liberal whom I really did not like, but I will really love the guy if he keeps Fitzgerald in as head of the FBI. WOW! A lot going on Pat, wouldn’t you say?

    (Response) Patrick Fitzgerald is working great in Chicago!

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