Chicago Investigators Patrick McDonough and Ron Bober ordered to Blagojevich's home today.

IllinoisGovernorHouse.jpg Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested this morning at his home in Chicago. The home is located at the Northwest corner of Richmond and Sunnyside. Two Chicago Investigators, Patrick McDonough and Ron Bober were ordered by the Illinois State Police to investigate the cause of a cameraman falling into a large puddle of water. The camera was destroyed. Needless to say numerous news stations were covering the arrest of the current Illinois Governor. Also indicted was Mayor Daley’s right hand man and lieutenant John Harris. Remember, no one gets anywhere in Illinois unless Mayor Daley makes the call. Mayor Daley will always send one or more of his goons to make sure the 11th ward and the “Democratic Party” gets its cut. John Harris was a high ranking Chicago Cop and Budget Director under Mayor Daley. I strongly suggest Mayor Daley ratted out Blagojevich when the Feds were close to an indictment of Daley. I suggest a deal was made with George Bush to keep the Daley clan out of jail. Remember one thing my friends, the Chicago Department of Water Management did lots of favors for Patti Blagojevich and her Real Estate deals. I was not ready to be on T.V. today but that happens when you least expect it, right Rod? To all my T.V. fans, I hope I was not looking at the camera when the cameras were rolling, but I was on T.V. again. If you wish some pictures of Blago early in the morning led out by the Feds, let me know. Rod has a nice addition in the back of the house! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. City needs someone new to clean up Daley’s mess

    Mayor Daley has been selling off or dismantling our fine city long enough. Meigs Field, the Skyway, Midway, and now our parking meters. What’s next, our sporting stadiums, our parks, the river? For too long he has been treating our city as though it’s his to do with as he sees fit. To balance the budget? That’s like selling the sofa to pay for groceries. Our crime rate is far too high, our schools are underachieving, our mass-transit situation is in dire need of a fix, and there are federal agents crawling all over City Hall. But he’ll take time to smile before all the cameras while lighting a Christmas tree. When will the voters of this fine city finally understand that Mr. Daley does not have the smarts to run the city of Chicago? We can only hope there will be capable opponents in the next mayoral election.

  2. Great job FBI!!!! Now we know how companies that have contributed money to Blago’s campaign have contracts with the state. Such as “Christy Webber Landscapes”. Can’t wait to hear all of these companies explain this. HA!!!

  3. you think daley turned on blogo? based on what?

    (Response) I knew this was coming and that is what slowed down the activity on this website. I do not brag about all I know. Three DOWM employees turned on Blago and that is when Patti will get the “treatment”. Daley runs Illinois, or did you not figure that out yet. His son skated, someone paid the price.

  4. December 10, 2008

    I have a sister and I love her more than I can say. And so, when I saw Deborah Mell rushing into the home of her sister, first lady Patti Blagojevich, after the governor’s predawn arrest, her arms full of groceries, I understood completely.

    “When in doubt,” my late mother always said, “send food.”

    » Click to enlarge image Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin

    RELATED STORIESFoul-mouthed first lady Madigan may take Gov. to high court

    Always be there for your sister.

    Still, the Blagojevich-Mell family dynamic brings a high level of complexity to a jagged political landscape.

    As Rod Blagojevich stares down the long barrel of the feds’ investigation, remember how it all began.

    It began with Chicago clout. Blagojevich married the boss’ daughter. Patti’s dad is Dick Mell, the political powerhouse of the Northwest Side’s 33rd Ward.

    Blagojevich, child of working-class Serbian immigrants, was a comer. He learned early on how to kiss the rings of power brokers such as indicted-and-soon-to-be-sentenced-former-Ald. Edward Vrdolyak to get a government job.

    With the help of Ald. Mell, he got elected to the General Assembly, then Congress and then, in 2002, governor.

    But the comer was an ingrate. And the alderman called him out at the beginning of his first term. Dick Mell accused him, for all the world to see, as a guy whose advisers were trading $50,000 in campaign contributions for big contracts and seats on government boards — allegations Mell later recanted.

    I don’t know where Patti Blagojevich fits into all this, but she certainly is in the picture. An educated, smart woman, she built a real estate business. And took care of her two daughters, Amy, 12, and Annie, 5. And, as first lady, like it or not, she became a public person.

    Her sister, Deborah, meanwhile was undergoing a public evolution, too. A lesbian, she began to fight openly for gay rights. And to contemplate a political career.

    On Jan. 14, Deborah Mell will be sworn in as the new state representative from the district her brother-in-law once represented. She could be called up to vote on his impeachment. What will she do?

    Meanwhile, the only thing we have heard from Patti Blagojevich with regard to this corruption scandal comes from a federal document detailing an expletive-riddled wiretapped conversation about how the Tribune better fire some of her husband’s critics if it wants state help selling the Cubs.

    It’s one thing to be there for family. It’s another to be an enabler, or worse, complicit.

    We really need to hear from Mrs. Blagojevich one of these days.

    For state Rep.-elect Deborah Mell, in four weeks she will officially move from private citizen to public office. Freshman legislators are often counseled to keep their mouths shut in the beginning.

    Not, alas, in this case.

  5. capt paddy wrote:
    Carol. the Department of Water Management used employees and resources to assist Patti on several projects. What is going on with that?
    12/11/2008 9:42 AM CST on
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    pete in bucktown wrote:
    “An educated, smart woman, she built a real estate business.”
    Are you kidding me? If she’s so smart, why isn’t she still in real estate? Why isn’t she still in investment banking? Why can’t she keep her yap shut when the whole state knows the phones are tapped?
    It must be embarrassing for Carol Marin to have all the rats she’s backed in years past shown in the light of day.
    12/11/2008 9:02 AM CST on
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    lynpisces wrote:
    Franco Spanko . . . I’m sure if you SEARCH hard enough, you can find articles about CORRUPT REPUBLICANS also.

    Get busy . . . and stop being discriminative in your researching.

    12/11/2008 8:58 AM CST on
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    ret. asa wrote:
    Carol, i am very disappointed in you lately. you used to be a great investigative reporter. now you are writing “soft” articles! who cares what debra mell is feeling. she got her job because of who she was, not her qualifications. every crook out there has relatives. do you write about how they are feeling? go back to what you were good at-getting to the truth of stories!!
    12/11/2008 6:22 AM CST on
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    u gotta be kidding wrote:
    Brandyfrank- the family motto is what?

    Where’s mine?
    12/11/2008 4:12 AM CST on
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    franco wrote:

    By the Way, from the New York Post:

    “Dems Meet the Culture of Corruption

    Last updated: 11:40 am
    December 10, 2008
    Posted: 1:35 am
    December 10, 2008

    By Michelle Malkin:

    “……….Democrats and the media can no longer rest on the old rationalization that Blago is an exception to the “we’re cleaner than thou” rule. This was the year of Democratic Reps. William “Cold Cash” Jefferson, Charlie “Sweetheart Deals” Rangel and former Detroit Mayor Kwame “Text Me” Kilpatrick.

    It was the year Democratic Massachusetts state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson got caught stuffing bribes from an FBI informant down her shirt. It was the year 12 Democratic leaders and staffers in Pennsylvania’s state Capitol were stung in a massive corruption scandal involving cash, s_x and abuse of public office. And it was the year of multimillion-dollar embezzlement scandals at the offices of Democratic satellites ACORN and the SEIU.

    The Democrats have met the culture of corruption, and it looks like it ain’t just elephants among the jackasses soiling public office.”

    So it seems that the Republicans will have good news in 2010/

    12/10/2008 8:34 PM CST on
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    brandyfrank63 wrote:
    people lets not judge because you to will be judged,also family should always stick together the good and the bad its what true family do ,you go deb thank god she understands the family motto.
    12/10/2008 8:10 PM CST on
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    pse wrote:
    I forgot She’s the good looking lesbian. I suppose it’s good news bad news. The good news is we caught a bunch crooks — the bad news is she’s gonna hate men even more. Is there anything more treacherous than a piss2d off lesbian. Everybody watch out.
    12/10/2008 2:35 PM CST on
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    dave4118 wrote:
    Deb Mell got a clear shot at that state rep seat because her dad ordered the former rep to run for another office(state senate seat currently occupied by Iris martinez), there has been some bad blood between Ald. Mell and martinez. So Dad mell orders the former state rep to not seek that state rep’s seat again, he loses…and goes back to his double-dip job at city hall….which he got many years ago from ….Ald. Mell…this is the kind of sleazy politics that that isd considered permissible. Even Carol marin’s ommission of this very important information makes it clear that some reporters think it is okay to conduct politics this way.
    12/10/2008 2:21 PM CST on
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    dmcongram wrote:
    Honest to Pete, Ms. Marin, who cares about Deborah Mell, and what’s with the poor little sister act? Foul-mouthed Patricia is behaving just as she’s been raised to be and none of this is a surprise to her sister, who’s no doubt in politics to get a chunk of change for herself. So what she’s a lesbian, this gets her some sympathy?
    12/10/2008 2:20 PM CST on
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  6. To bad for all the gays out there. The last thing they need is to have a supposed lesbian ex-alcoholic representing them. There goes gay marriage in Illinois.

    (Ghost) Many gay people in Chicago have worked hard to get more rights. Their leaders should attempt to promote high standards that reflect the community. This does not always happen.

  7. During the summer of 2004, a longtime CCAO employee was not getting the respect he thought he deserved, so he asked his connected father-in-law, to try to get him a high-paying spot with the state of Illinois. Months go by, he gets a phone call, would he like to meet with Patty Blago? They meet for coffee. She has a little side business selling real estate and reducing taxes. She wants to get in position to “make some money” during the 2006 reassessment of the city. Problem is, she hasn’t a clue about assessments. Would this guy consider working for her in return for a % of the gross? The rest is history. The employee retires from the CCAO and is in position as a consultant, in time for the reassessment. He works out of his house and is free to pursue other tax clients but his one main client, the one he spends all his time on is Patty Blago.
    Since he is not a lawyer, he is not able to

  8. Oh Pat I see the Foreman of Plumbers work has been subcontracted to the State Police?

    So did they question you about your residency? If not, its comming..

    (Response) Suggestions?

  9. For your viewing go to the link below

    and ask yourself how is it that someone with NO horticulturial degree gets a job with a landscaper and then has the responcibility of overseeing so many high profile accounts??? Could it be because she is Blago’s family?? Hummm, could this be one of the various companies that have contributed to Blago’s campaign and miraculously obtains HUGE contracts once a political family member joins the team??? Or did this luck begin with the hiring of Terry Teels parents? Makes you wonder how anyone without political ties becomes a contender for state contracts.

  10. I agree and therefore this tie to Blago sets back all that they have strived for and achieved. So yes the standards should be WAY HIGHER then having family members in any seat.

  11. On that note wasn’t Terry Teele, Daley’s right hand man back until he was busted for the following back in 1999/2000

    (You can find this in full at

    Last month, for example, the mayor?s deputy chief of staff, Terry Teele, was forced to resign after admitting he accepted $3,000 from clout-heavy developer Oscar D?Angelo to remodel his kitchen and took out another low-interest loan for his brother. Three thousand bucks. On the dumbness scale, this one buried the needle. And sure enough, the next thing we heard was that D?Angelo had used his clout to win a lucrative contract for a bookseller at O?Hare International Airport.

    Ironic how all of the stories posted within the last 8 years or so have the same players continueing to appear in them. It seems as if all the dots are just beginning to connect. With that said have you seen Terry Teele at you friendly neighborhood gay bar/club? Looks as if theres another dark cloud added to gay representation. What a shame!!!

  12. City inspector admits $500 bribe
    December 11, 2008 at 7:37 PM | Comments (3)
    A city Buildings Department worker today pleaded guilty to accepting a $500 bribe to falsely sign off on a plumbing inspection.
    John Chamberlain, 60, of Chicago was sentenced to 2 years’ probation and, because of the conviction, will lose the city pension he built up over 19 years. In exchange for Chamberlain’s plea, a second charge related to accusations of a $1,000 bribe was dropped.

    Chamberlain was among nine defendants charged in March 2007 as part of Operation Crooked Code, an investigation of corruption at the city Buildings and Zoning Departments led by Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman, with an assist from federal law enforcement. All nine have been convicted, and five were sent to prison, Hoffman said.

  13. Oh Pat I see the Foreman of Plumbers work has been subcontracted to the State Police?

    So did they question you about your toenail clippers? If not, its comming..

    (Response) Suggestions?

    Re response:

    Stop making up stories to stop inflate your self importance
    2, If you cant see a mental health professional who can help you with a proer diagnosis and treatment.
    3. Stop Harrassing people who are doing their jobs or did their jobs which included verifying your work.
    4. Withdraw your lasuits before you end up paying for the City legals fees as wll as your own
    5. If you want to claim to me a member of the press go to school to learn how to be a journalist.
    6. Turn your self in for lyching under oath.
    (Hey this is getting to be quite a x-mass wish list)
    8.Turn States eveidence against your so lcall legal dream team.

    Who else wants to add to this list.

    (Response) You friend Satan and Evil Knievel

  14. Actually I believe that Jackson Jr. set him up. Why would the feds call Jackson Jr. the night before to tell him that they were going to arrest Blagojevich the next morning??? THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE

  15. Originally posted: October 18, 2008 (Chicago Tribune)

    Patti Blagojevich’s real estate success under scrutiny
    From today’s print edition:

    Patti Blagojevich’s real estate success under scrutiny
    By David Kidwell and John Chase

    Chicago Tribune reporters

    October 19, 2008

    Illinois First Lady Patricia Blagojevich walked away from her successful career as a real estate agent earlier this year amid scrutiny from federal agents probing whether clients hired her to win favor from her husband’s administration.

    With her commissions plummeting and her most famous client, Antoin “Tony” Rezko, in prison on a corruption conviction, her once-lucrative career all but came to an end.

    The Blagojeviches are not charged with any wrongdoing, and the financial affairs of first ladies are rarely the subject of public scrutiny. Since the Tribune first disclosed her eight-year financial relationship with Rezko, though, authorities have taken an interest in many of her real estate deals.

    The Blagojeviches still refuse to say how much her home-based River Realty Inc. made from Rezko.

    But a Tribune analysis of public records, along with real estate listings and interviews, reveals it earned more than $700,000 in commissions on other deals after her husband began raising money in 2000 for his first run for governor.

    Of those commissions, the Tribune found more than three-quarters came from clients with connections.

    Patricia Blagojevich declined to be interviewed. Lucio Guerrero, a spokesman for the governor, said Patricia Blagojevich was hired on her merits and it would be a “disservice” to suggest otherwise.

    Blagojevich, 43, now works as a full-time fundraiser for the Chicago Christian Industrial League—a job she started in September after a longtime political ally of her husband talked to the director of the nonprofit homeless agency.

    Before that she had a brief job as an investment banker after touting her ability to land state business, according to the head of North Star Investment Management.

    “I’m not going to lie to you, it would have been great for us to get one of the state pension funds,” said Peter Contos, a North Star executive listed as the sponsor on her federal license application.

    “But after three months she brought in no business,” Contos said. “Obviously, her connections weren’t as strong as advertised.”

    Records show she began working for the Chicago investment banking house in March, just before passing her federal exam to become an investment banker. She passed her state exam in May.

    Contos said his firm decided to hire Blagojevich, who has a degree in economics from the University of Illinois, because of her political ties. He said she was recommended to him by an administrative staff member.

    “This is not the kind of firm for rookies,” he said, adding there are no training programs. “You come here, you either bring in business or you do not succeed. We had several talks with her about that.”

    Contos said he and others at North Star encouraged her to find work at a bigger firm but she touted her connections and her ability to bring in business.

    “That’s what we were thinking—it was worth a shot,” he said. “Usually we tell people to work at a big firm for a few years and come here when they have clients and can bring business.”

    Contos said he and his partners had no knowledge of any federal investigation and she did not disclose any on her federal license application. He said Blagojevich answered “no” to the question on the 28-page application that asks, “Have you been notified, in writing, that you are now the subject of any investigation?”

    Contos said he began learning of the scrutiny surrounding her after she started working for him.

    “We started thinking better of it,” he said. “Even if she had brought in some business, the last thing I need is to be dealing with federal regulators the rest of my life.”

    Politics also played a role in Blagojevich securing her current job as the main fundraiser for the Chicago Christian Industrial League.

    Judith McIntyre, then the executive director of the grass-roots organization, said she spent six months searching for a development director before speaking with Gery Chico, a former U.S. Senate candidate whom McIntyre knew from their days working for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

    “[He] said, ‘I have a friend looking for a job,’ ” McIntyre recalled. “A few days later, the person called. It was Patti.”

    During a tour of the agency’s West Side headquarters, Blagojevich and McIntyre hit it off and McIntyre offered her the job, she said.

    “I didn’t see her as Mrs. Blagojevich. I saw her as someone who was touched by what she saw and wanted to help,” McIntyre said. “She wants to so give back.”

    Chico said he didn’t really help Blagojevich get the job—she did that on her own.

    “I thought Mrs. Blagojevich would be an excellent fit,” Chico said. “She wanted to do something of this nature, and I think I knew a little about what drives her. And let’s face it—the first lady could help an organization like this.”

    Examples of Patricia Blagojevich’s real estate deals
    By David Kidwell and John Chase

    Chicago Tribune reporters

    October 19, 2008

    The political might of her family always has brought a windfall in the professional life of Patricia Blagojevich.

    A Tribune analysis of public records, real estate listings and interviews reveals her company had received $700,000 in commissions after her husband began raising money in 2000 for his first run for governor. Of that, more than three-quarters was from state contractors, family and others with political ties.

    The Tribune has documented many of these deals over three years, but the governor and his wife have refused to discuss her business in any detail, including disclosing how much she made from convicted influence peddler Antoin “Tony” Rezko. The governor and his surrogates have labeled the Tribune reports “Neanderthal” and “sexist.”

    Lucio Guerrero, a spokesman for the governor’s office, said “a number” of her contacts came well before her husband became governor. “Her various clients engaged in her services because of her credentials, abilities and her skills,” Guerrero said in a statement.

    Here are some examples of real estate commissions to River Realty:

    Commissions: $113,132.20

    Properties: 18 new condominium units on the Northwest Side, largely in 3100 block of West Addison Street, Chicago

    Total Sales: $3.5 million

    Dates: April 2001-March 2002

    Details: Chicago developer Virgil Tiran and his brother, Mircea, hired River Realty to sell condominium units after meeting Patricia Blagojevich in the ward office of then-Ald. Vilma Colon (35th), a longtime ally of Blagojevich’s father, Ald. Richard Mell (33rd).

    Tiran recently told the Tribune he hired Patricia because she was recommended by the alderman in his ward, and not because of her family ties.

    “No impact whatsoever,” he said. “And I believe they sold the whole project. They did a good job.”

    Mell said it’s possible he, too, had talked to Tiran about hiring his daughter but saw no problem with it.

    “It’s conceivable that I mentioned it to Virgil that if he were looking for somebody to sell the property that my daughter is in the real estate business,” Mell said. “But just because I mentioned it to Virgil doesn’t mean he had to hire her. I’ve helped other Realtors who I know too.”

    Mell said he sees nothing wrong with trying to help his children, and there was no pressure to hire his daughter.

    “I would say I believe I helped Rod’s career at the beginning. I tried to help Deb’s career,” he said of his other daughter. “It’s not unusual that people help their kids.”

    Under the Blagojevich administration, another Tiran family business flourished. Diane Home Care, run by Tiran’s parents to care for disabled adults who are wards of the state, saw its state business increase by 33 percent to $1.1 million.

    On the advice of his attorney, Tiran said he couldn’t discuss Diane Home Care’s business because he isn’t involved in it.

    “I don’t know anything about my parents’ business and I have nothing to do with my parents’ business,” Tiran said, adding his family received “no benefits whatsoever.”

    Commissions: $52,000

    Property: 1400 block of South Emerald Avenue, Chicago

    Total Sales: $2.6 million

    Dates: November 2006-February 2007

    Details: Patricia Blagojevich earned two commissions within three months on the same $1.3 million home in University Village—a development owned in part by political power broker William F. Cellini, identified as a co-schemer in the Rezko corruption case.

    She represented Chicago restaurant owner Eugene Chua when he bought a home in November 2006 for $1.26 million and again in February 2007 when he sold it to a third party for $1.35 million, records show.

    Chua told the Tribune earlier this year he was forced to sell so quickly because his wife had decided to return overseas and they no longer needed the home.

    He said he met Patricia Blagojevich when he purchased Tsuki Japanese Restaurant and Lounge on the North Side in 2003. He said Blagojevich had represented the seller and he was impressed with her work.

    Chua’s Tsuki supplied food for a Blagojevich campaign dinner in March 2005, records show.

    Cellini has not been charged with any wrongdoing, but he became a main figure in Rezko’s corruption trial. He was heard on an FBI wiretap talking with a prosecution witness about demands for millions in bribes or in contributions to Blagojevich from a Hollywood movie producer looking for state business. The Tribune could find no evidence Cellini was aware of the home sale.

    Commissions: $113,875

    Properties: Four apartment buildings and commercial storefronts

    Total sales: $5.71 million

    Dates: May-September 2006

    Details: The Tribune first disclosed the Mahajan purchases Oct. 27, 2006, reporting that Amrish Mahajan’s Mutual Bank had regulatory business before the state and his wife, Anita, ran a drug-testing company with a long-standing no-bid state contract.

    Amrish Mahajan has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Blagojevich campaigns and his bank has loaned millions for Rezko real estate developments.

    But within months of the newspaper’s report questioning the land deals and her contract, Anita Mahajan was arrested on state felony charges of bilking millions from state taxpayers for drug tests her company never performed.

    Investigators planning a raid at the Chicago drug-testing firm K.K. Bio-Science in January 2007 were surprised to learn the company already had dumped its computers and records.

    Sources involved in the investigation said telephone records indicated a series of cellular telephone calls between Anita Mahajan and Patricia Blagojevich had been made around the same time. Anita Mahajan’s attorney, Steve Miller, said, “It’s public knowledge that a friendship existed between the Blagojevich family and the Mahajan family.”

    Federal authorities have taken over the portion of the investigation having to do with the Blagojevich administration.

    A trial date has not yet been set for Anita Mahajan, who has entered a not guilty plea. Amrish Mahajan said hiring Patricia Blagojevich had nothing to do with his wife’s business.

    Commissions: $32,500

    Property: 2000 block of West St. Paul Avenue, Chicago

    Sale Price: $650,000

    Dates: January 2005

    Details: The Tribune reported last year that Wight, owner of the architecture firm Wight & Co., won three new no-bid state contracts worth $10 million within months of selling his Chicago condominium.

    The buyer was his state lobbyist, John Wyma, a longtime Blagojevich insider. The condominium was never publicly listed for sale, and Wight said Wyma decided on the purchase without Patricia Blagojevich’s help.

    The day before the sale closed, the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority approved a no-bid $2 million contract with Wight & Co. for various tollway design services. That contract was later increased to $2.5 million. Wight’s company has since been awarded two more contracts worth another $7.5 million.

    Wight’s firm also has donated $100,000 to Blagojevich’s campaign fund since 2002.

    In a written response, the governor’s office said Wyma wanted to compensate Patricia Blagojevich for a year’s work trying to find him a home and for her help with the negotiations, closing and contract documents. Wight said he always had intended to pay an agent.

    Commissions: $32,000

    Property: 1200 block of North Astor Street, Chicago

    Sale Price: $3.2 million

    Dates: November 2004

    Details: Federal agents contacted the real estate agent hired to sell this Gold Coast home and asked why she had decided to include Patricia Blagojevich as a second agent. Mary Bennett, who originally listed the home alone, said she included Blagojevich at the request of the home’s owner, John H. Simpson.

    Simpson is an investment banker who contributed $100,000 to the Blagojevich campaign and had worked at the Chicago investment firm that also used to employ U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill), a close ally of Blagojevich and the man who succeeded the governor in his seat in Congress.

    “I figured the seller wanted to throw her a little business,” Bennett told the Tribune in an interview last year.

    Commissions: $31,125

    Properties: 1000 block of North Winchester Avenue and 1800 block of West Grand Avenue, Chicago

    Total Sales: $1.24 million

    Dates: September 2005-November 2007

    Details: Webber, owner of a landscape design firm that worked on Rezko developments, used Patricia Blagojevich’s service to sell two personal properties. Webber also is a longtime friend of Blagojevich’s sister, Deborah Mell.

    “I’ve known her for 14 years, since before Rod was even a congressman,” Webber said. “One thing had nothing to do with the other. My work with Tony was in no way connected to my work with Patti.”

    Commissions: $9,438

    Property: 900 block of West Sheridan Road, Chicago

    Sale Price: $377,500

    Dates: July 2004

    Details: Monk is a longtime Blagojevich insider and former chief of staff to the governor. Patricia Blagojevich and her sister, Deborah, are listed as the agents of record on the sale of his condominium.

  16. Update
    There is no update.

    Richard M. Daley is still a useful idiot undermining the U.S.A.

    Daley is a phenomenal inexplicable Political mobster enabling radical liberal

    anti-American [ and anti-Christian ] policy in OUR nation.


    Daley gave anti-American political hoodlum Rahm Emanuel from Clinton’s
    mob, a U.S. congressional seat by having Robert Sorich illegally campaign
    for Rahm and others. Sorich refuses to snitch on mobster boss Daley, and
    sits in federal prison for this “massive fraud”. That’s what the FEDS called it

    — a massive fraud. the real architects for this city hall Political mob

    operation is and was, Daley and his brother John.

    But they are too big to go to court and prison.
    [ little thieves go to prison as big thieves run the world ]

    At or near the bottom of ALL OF THE CURRENT HAPPENINGS OF THE

    ongoing “POLITICAL CRIME SPREE” in our America is Daley. Sure he’s

    controlled by others — therefore the term “useful idiot” which originates

    from Stalin or Lenin in explanation that the U.S. A. will one day destroy

    herself because of stupid idiotic American “public servants” selling their

    own nation out without really even knowing. Lenin and Stalin knew that

    America would virtually be infiltrated. In essence they envisioned

    prostitutes such as Clintons, Daleys, Kennedys and Axelrod.

    No substantial update.

    America has Daley to thank for Conman-elect.

    Daley is still running the worst Political mafia in our U.S. of A.

    Richard M. Daley is still a useful idiot undermining the U.S.A.

    Daley remains outside of the hand-cuffs — there is no update.

    _______ ________________

    Rich Daley is more responsible than any other single person for this entire enormous political scandal which involves the shredding of our constitution.

    Because of Daley’s inability to talk and debate and discuss issues honestly, and because of the dummy-down system he ushered in, we have great-paying jobs going to folks just because they are Asian, Mexican (HDO).
    we have over-payed do-little jobs and contracts going to ladies just because they practice homosexuality (Christy Weber).

    We have millions of our dollars being stolen from our family’s banks and savings because of deranged public policies(affirmative action, Jackson, Duffs).
    ________ ____ ___________
    There is no update.

    Richard M. Daley is still not in prison. STILL !!!

    Carl Segvich
    11th Ward Republican Committeeman


  17. Christy Webber has contracts because of WHO she is buddies with (Blago, Mell, Teele, the list goes on). Her so called landscaping company is nothing but a front for her partners WHO ARE NOT WOMEN!!! Certified WBE according to who??? What a joke!!!

    Our taxes are going to companies like Christy Webber Landscapes that do nothing but sleep on the job, water while or after is rains, and are illegals whom are put at risk on the expressways. WHAT A DISGRACE!!

    (Response) Those are serious allegations. What proof do you have?

  18. Humm proof. Funny you should ask that. Wasn’t Blago’s investigation started on rumors, concerns, etc…? I suppose once Christy Webber Landscapes gets raided by ICE we shall see just how many illegals work there. Or better yet once we find out how they some received so many emergency state contracts after they are taken away from them (currently they are attempting to do just that). Of coarse there is no way they received the O’Hare contract because of hiring Terry Teeles parents and his brother being in charge of the landscaping back then, right? Guess we shall see what dirty little secrets are uncovered. The proof is all there just waiting for someone to connect the dots and for someone to speak up and blow the whistle is that not how all outfits go out?

  19. Paaaaaaaaat…… it’s back. And I don’t mean E T . The Depression. I really hope our crazy crooked government can manage this one so a lot of people do not have to suffer that bad. Caleefornya has to order 235,00 state employees to take 2 unpaid days off a month, store closings, post office massive layoffs, it’s gonna ripple. Big layoffs this year coming up. As these people face lay off and buy less then other stores will layoff more and more until it hits with full force. I’m already preparing for it. No new clothes, Salvation Army for my clothes. Hey Pat, you should see the all the nice looking young lady’s who shop at the Salvation Army thrift store at Clybourne and Fullerton. They spend hours in there buying the good clothes that all the rich women donate. If you saw them walking down the street you would never know where they get their clothes. All a guy would have to do to marry one of these young beauties is buy them new clothes at Marshals or T.J. Maxx all the time and he can marry one of these beauties. Sorry I got off the subject. I’m not gonna trash any politicians today, Blago exposed everything there is to know about our beloved crooks. I am preparing also by shopping at Aldi for my food. It’s the stock up store Pat! Everyone should prepare, please take preparations now. Merry Xmas and happy new year Pat, and to all you fellow disgruntled bloggers on this site. 2009 will hold a lot of unfolding surprises. My Xmas gift will be for Obama to re-appoint Fitzgerald to head the feds, but I bet Rahm Emanual is screaming in Obama’s ear to fire him. Ok Pat, your right, I said i wasn’t gonna talk about any pols. Everyone should help a friend or neighbor who has problems this year to come. It’s gonna get bad. I even wish Obama a lot of good fortune in the white house, we need him to manage this ship. I’m gonna be politically incorrect here but oh well, GOD BLESS EVERYONE! YEA EVEN YOU MAYOR DALEY (GOD BLESS YOU TO LOSE YOUR NEXT RE-ELECTION FOR MAYOR). hehehehehehehehehe

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