Chicago Clout wraps up another great year!

Hamptons Sarah.jpg Chicago Clout wraps up another great year!
I wish to thank everyone for another great year. 2008 has been another success for both my daughters that attend Saint Mary’s University in Minnesota. One of my daughters write for the school paper and this year will be more involved with the school blog and website! Where did she get that talent from? Please enjoy a picture of the kids in the Hamptons; they also donated time helping the needy in New York City. (St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church) My sons are doing well in school and music lessons are coming along fine. One plays electric and acoustical guitar, one plays Double Bass and electric bass, and one plays percussion and drums. Everything is going along fine for all the kids.
Last year was a year of transition for the Chicago Department of Water Management, things are getting better and the job safety record is much better. Some areas are in need of improvement, but they are addressed. The Chicago Inspector General is more “employee friendly” and I feel they are listening to the average worker. Last year a famous Chicago Plumbing Inspector came on board and will host his first show this month. His organizational skill is beyond reproach, his integrity impeccable. I thank you Michael McGann. I also wish to thank all my friends that stood by me this year and wish to fight on to make Chicago a better place to work. I also thank my lawyers, Russ Stewart, Frank Avila Jr. Kurt Feuer and special thanks to Jon Loevy for holding his breath at times. Russ Stewart and Frank Avila won separate case to my family’s benefit; proceeds from one settlement will help the Municipal Advocate General. I want to give a very heartfelt thanks to Ivan Tomic, Patrice McDonough’s attorney for a reasonable fee and professional effort. I also want to mention a new attorney I intend to work with soon, Malcolm Chester, a fine attorney with expertise in Defamation; False light. He is representing James Sachay vs. Frank Coconate. I have several files we will discuss again very soon. I wish to thank all my friends as they wait for MAG to get organized, we look forward to our possible new office in Park Ridge, Illinois. Thanks to all the fellow Chicago City workers, also if you lose a job this year, we will be there for YOU. God Bless, Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Great work. Hope that more people know that the city has to answer. The legacy of lies and bully big shoulders pushing through the corruption will stop.

  2. Hey Mr. McDonough, I wish you the best in 2009, But maybe you could help me out here, I have a question that is still bothering me to this day. I have seen and heard of all this corruption going on in the North district, why hasn’t there been any changes in the corruption, I have seen a laborer taking a hit for 3 days, when he did nothing wrong! Was he told to take the hit instead of the other laborer that should of got 3 days off? the other laborer was a probational Laborer, he would of been fired? I seen this first hand. Then you got a foreman alledgely taking a bribe from a man that got transfered to the Central district? what about Mr. Terry Wayland? Did he witness these bribes? will he go to court and admit he seen all of this corruption? I have seen how the old foreman was moving the overtime list around, how he manipilated the list, how he fiquired out how to keep certain drivers in the yard doing (personnal)errands!!! I know how it worked and how he did it. (wait till I go to court and say how it was done)I have witness so many other crimes going on, I called the ig and they do nothing, I filed paperwork involving these individuals but so far nothing YET, but I assure you it will be dealth with. How it always gets sweep under the carpet, the retaliation, the threats, the moltoff cocktail threats, the broken car windows, the person was caught on tape, the Police have the tape, and I got a tape of the crime. I got shot at while out on the town with my sweetheart, (bad shots? or where they trying to scare me) Now they got me pissed-off now. Pat they mess with me, they will get double from me when I find out, God knows who they are, and justice is his not mine, God is watching over me!!! Just wait justice is coming for all these “BAD” people. I also got another question Mr. McDonough, what if a superintendant swears at you, calling you a mother F’er and an arse hole do you file a violence in the workplace, it takes forever for the department to investagate these charges. What can we do to speed these things up, COURT? All of these complaint’s are going to come to head, and someone’s got a lot of explaining to do, should we call the Chief of staff for the Mayor? I got his cell number, anyone want to go further up the food chain? Mr. McDonough all I wanted to do was come to work do my 8 hours of work. Come home to my loving family, enjoy my kids. But now its like mess with me I mess with you double!! Did you do something illegal? You involved with corruption? I am here to bring some light into this corruption, you think no one will find out? I got the scoop on all the coruption that these people have done!!! wait till I go to court to “spill the beans” Some of these people wanted to “mess” with me, because they think its ok to “mess with the white guy” Called me a “maw-maw” for the guys that do not know what a maw-maw is go look it up. Its not a very Christen word! Ozzie thinks it is funny to call someone that. How would he feel if someone said that to his Family? or would he react violently?
    Mr. McDonough did the city ever realized what they did when they put me and you together!!!!! when are they ever going to learn.

    In 2009,these people that are still doing corruption will know the power of the PEN, and computor they will know then.

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