Special Thanks To all Municpal Advocate General Directors Today!

Special Thanks To all Municipal Advocate General Directors Today!
Chicago Clout went back into the studio today to change direction. Chicago Clout is testing new faces for our show to reflect the more technical expertise we wish to impart to our audience. The president of a building board, Kristina Lee enjoyed a taping that will surprise many. Kristina waited for a long time to get to this point and she performed flawlessly on behalf of her building. I am looking forward to many more shows with new talent that should place less emphasize on politics and more on the legal aspects of Chicago City Workers rights. Also, Archie High and Charles Walker starred in several video plugs for Chicago Clout. Many people need to realize it takes time to prepare and edit these shows. I have invested over $ 15,000.00 in new high definition 1080 video equipment, two powerful computers, cameras, and programs. Our ability to create HD media is second to none in Chicago! Our equipment to produce, edit, and create shows, is state of the art. If you are running for office give us a call. I hope the test run in Can-TV today will produce a new Chicago Star. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Plowing Alderman Levar’s alley. As they say in the Army, “Rank has it’s priveldges.

  2. Give em hell Pat!!!
    The city is so corrupt and such a sewer and there are so many pieces of garbage we need a voice like yours to fight. There are other good voices but you are so consistent with your website and your revealing wrondgoing and promoting good elected officials (very few) and lawyers. Your story is amazing and so are some of the others.
    Rich Daley deserves to be in jail. This guy Scott Loef deserves to be fired from the city. Where do they find these animals?

    God Bless you, your family, MAG and your TV show and website and all you do!!!

  3. pat,
    the city crashed and burned with my tenant issue that Obama’s senate office looked into. Thanks to reading your site- got the names of attorneys. Only a city lawsuit is going to get the city to explain why codes and ordinances are not being enforced. You can not believe that pathetic game of Chinese Whispers that the city tries when they want no accountability. Thanks again. I mentioned your site when I contacted Obama’s Senate office and David Hoffman at the Chicago Inspector General’s Office. take care.

  4. Give em hell Pat…. I could only imagine what video interviews your gonna come up with…. Good Luck. Keep up the good work.

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