Alderman Levar's alley clear of snow again bright and early!

Levaralley1282009.jpg Thank you Chicago Taxpayers! Alderman Levar enjoyed a clean and clear alley this January 28, 2009. While almost none of the main streets or other alleys in the 45th Ward were cleared of snow this morning at 6:55 a.m., Alderman Levar had the alley clean from his garage to Sunnyside Avenue. I wonder who told the driver to make a special run for the Alderman. Maybe Levar called 311 and got lucky with special VIP treatment. All the neighbors to the south of levar’s garage got nothing. This is theft of services and Levar drives a big fat SUV to haul his carcass around. Why clean the alley if he drives a big SUV? Maybe to distribute taxpayer’s money to all his friends and family on the payroll, you think? Please tell Mayor Daley to quit whining about the millions spent on snow clean-up, the system works fine for the Levar family.

3 Replies to “Alderman Levar's alley clear of snow again bright and early!”

  1. Have you heard the story about Mr.Phat Levar, and His brother Tommy? he used to be the 3rd in Charge in Streets and San., he should of been FIRED, but of course with power comes a settlement, It was told to me by some one high up!! that Mr.Tom Levar was told to resign or go to Jail. Now Pat If you want a story go look that one up!

  2. instead of posting a picture of a plowed alley which could have been done by anybody with a plow living on that block, post a picture of the S&S truck doing it.

    you wont find one.

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