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  1. ATTENTION PLEASE!!!! Patrick Daley (as in secret sewer contract) is missing. Please, someone call 911 or better yet get a recent photo of him and put it on a carton of milk cause aint nobody seen him since daddy shuffled him off to the army one week before the public found out about him having a whole ton of fraudulent city deals. PAAAAAAAT! (not you pat, I’m referring to Pat Daley) Where are you Paaaaaat? Come out come out where ever you are, daddy got another secret bogus deal for you which he will deny he knows about to the preeeeeeess. Oh Paaaaaat!

  2. Hey Tom Ryan,
    You sound to me like a person that knows a whole lot of stuff like myself,you want more info about other things that you might not know, we need to sit down and discuss things, we could have Pat Mcdough there too.
    what you say Tommy? want to be on the TV show sometime soon?

  3. Great show on Paul B. It’s good to know there are still Chicago Police Officers that are family men. I hope Paul gets his job back soon! Nice work Chicago Clout!

  4. hup 2 3 4 hup 2 3 4….
    daddy daley’s got a deal…
    hup 2 3 4….
    but someone blew it and had to squeal.
    hup 2 3 4….
    patty daley’s crying in Iraq…..
    hup 2 3 4…
    writing home to daddy asking if it’s safe to come back…
    hup 2 3 4…
    Daddy says just hide under your bed….
    hup 2 3 4…
    I need to lie to just one more fed….

  5. No job is worth not seeing your kid. Your an idoit for doing it that long. You’ll regret it later when they grow up and next thing you know there in college. Take it from me… I was there and regreting it everyday. Your an honorable man

  6. I wouldn’t say idoit. I would say foolish. Your child is your life as mine are. Four grown children and six grand children. My family always came first. Retired 9 years now. If what your saying is true,God bless you fight to get your job back. I know so many high ranking City, Fire, PD that actually live out, swipe in from home, take a weekly envelope to get people jobs and pick it up at a certain north side watering hole. The list will come out on this site soon. It’s embarassing to see what goes on in this City. What a shame.

  7. I know your parents very well, great people. Worked the fest with them for many years. I saw what you did for your Dad for all those years. You should be proud of yourself. He was very greatful and talked about you all the time. Stay strong Paul.

  8. Hey Bruce….Lights, camera, Action!….If I spouse my mouth at Daley on your camera will you promise to do a follow-up documentary on how I get tailed, investigated and busted for something I didn’t do by hizzoners henchmen. You know no-ones supposed to speak up about king Richard, we’re just supposed to agree with him, kiss his ring (like Carol Marin and all the other so called journalists) and be on our way…..OH YEA! Has anyone seen Patrick daley yet? Come on, some has had to see him, OLEE OLEE OCEAN FREE, come out come out PATRICK wherever you arrrrrrrrre…..hehehehehehehehe

  9. Paulie! What a great guy! Family man, great officer, cured cancer! Did he live in the city? No!

    I read the CR#, they had him cold. I have no sympathy for those who attempt to circumvent the system and then get caught and cry about it. Do you think any of us that work for this shithole mayor would like to live in the suburbs and send our kids to decent schools for nothing while using mommy and daddy’s address as our “residence”? It is the chance he took. Too bad he did it on the cheap and got caught. At least have the sense to rent some dirtbag apartment to use the address.

    A sgt in 017 showed us how to beat the case. Actually buy a property and register everything you own to that address. He did just that and they followed him and every time he went to his house in Crystal Lake. The Police Board determined that the ownership was enough to establish residence. He still has his job.

    I live in the city and work a little extra to send my kids to private school, so I can be there for them as a full time parent without having to live in two locations and wonder who is following me home.

    What’s the matter Paulie, insn’t your construction company making enough for you to afford the extra few thousand a year to take care of your kids or do you just think you are smarter than everyone else?

    As for the connected getting off on the residency issue, I agree completely, they do get a pass. However, you know the rules, if you choose to break them you do so at your own peril. No sympathy here.

  10. Mike McGhann is a great guy who got really screwed.

    Bruce Randazzo is a fountain of knowledge.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. I didn’t read the CR but if it took 2 yr 0r 2 1/2 year investigation on a simple residency case or however long he said it took, I wouldn’t think it would be considered “caught red handed” so don’t pat yourself on the back to much Sherlock

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