Chicago Clout salutes Peggy Figiel of Save Grant Park

I was happy to hear from Peggy Figiel of Save Grant Park today. I have fallen behind on new posts lately because many of my friends have had some legal issues with the City of Chicago. I am happy when people are passionate about their children’s future, and are willing to fight for what they believe in. Old Mayor Daley has been messing with everything he can get his hands on; I think he wants to build his legacy. Some outspoken moms are getting ready to go into court soon. Make sure you google the Lincoln Park and Grant Park issues. Please keep these dates in mind, no shopping Neiman Marcus ladies, there is have work to do! Two lawsuits are in progress against the Chicago Children’s Museum plans to mess up Grant Park. There is an Administrative Review to inspect the Chicago Plan Commissions decisions. The hearing is Tuesday, March 31st with Judge Martin Agran. The second lawsuit a Denovo Review, will review the entire application. That Hearing is on April 9th with Judge Sophia Hall. Help defray the legal expenses by contacting these people at I am asking Peggy to comment more at a later time. We sent one of our legal scholars from the Municipal Advocate General to assist. Photo edited by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Pat, we have all lived in this city most of our lives and our parents and grand parents have too, most of us that is, now a man by the name of Daley has decided to tear down newer buildings and build newer college buildings, tear down our structures and even our good roads just to build newer ones, decimate our roots and raise our taxes, give us tons of tickets and parking violations to raise more money and chase us out of these homes just so he can get young out of town strangers to fill up the spaces that we once enjoyed and called home. Daley does not want us here anymore and he is letting us know that in a very mean and vile way. I await his indictment along with his son and nephew. This man must reap what he has sewn and we the people, through the help of the U.S. attorney must take our home back.

  2. Dear Supporters,

    Save Grant Park has just received word that the hearing for the first lawsuit (Administrative Review) opposing the plan to relocate the Chicago Children’s Museum to Grant Park scheduled for tomorrow (March 31), has been canceled by Judge Agran.

    Questions: How can a hearing be canceled? Isn’t the court obliged to hear the case?

    Answers: While the hearing will not take place tomorrow, it cannot really be canceled, only delayed to a later date. The case against this illegal takeover of Chicago’s most precious park by private interests can and will be heard.

    No confirmed date has been set for the rescheduled hearing. Save Grant Park remains vigilant and will provide updates as we obtain new information.

    Chicago will have Grant Park to enjoy only as long as Chicagoans are willing to fight for it. Save Grant Park volunteers have held off plans to build in the park for more than three years already and have no intention of backing down.

    Is Grant Park important to you? Then support the opposition with your contribution. You can donate online by visiting or mail a check directly to the bank:

    5th/3rd Bank
    400 E. South Water St.
    Chicago, IL 60601
    Attn: Save Grant Park

    Every dollar will help.


    Peggy Figiel
    Save Grant Park

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