On the fast track with James Laski and Tom Roeser

This week, I was in Park Ridge enjoying some good old fashion politics. Park Ridge has a mayoral race that is full steam ahead. I enjoy this kind of a race because many of the outlying suburbs were mainly Republican and is now infiltrated by the liberal wing of the Democrat party. If you have time, drive up Prospect Avenue, from Touhy Avenue to Oakton Street, the change is dramatic. Many of these homes had dyed in the wool Republicans, their houses now torn down and rebuilt, occupied by rich Democrats. I crack up because many of these suburbs pretend the run Independent, it is not true.
I saw Tom Roeser, a famous radio personality at the Panera Bread Store, I was enjoying a French onion soup, I said hello. Tom told me about the Sneed column I was just in and he invited me on his radio show. I accepted, but I called him later about James Laski, a former Chicago City Clerk. James got a call from me because I was happy to see him on ABC 7 News. Blagojevich was just on the radio busting a move on double dippers like John D'Amico. (on WLS-Radio Don Wade and Roma show). John D'Amico works for the Chicago Department of Water Management sometimes. I have not talked to James Laski for a while and I knew he wanted to do some radio. James Laski is working a deal to get a regular talk show, sure to be successful. I know I offered James to do some commentary on Chicago Clout but it never happened. I am working with Attorney and Columnist Russ Stewart on a new studio in Park Ridge as we speak. There are some problems with CAN-TV funding and also the Press passes with the City of Chicago. Daley is clamping down on the first amendment is the rumor. Michael McGann and I said our goodbyes to my former teacher Tom Roeser and made on our merry way. I guess that is show biz. Tom Roeser looks real good and he lost some weight, I bet his wife put the clamps down. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Pat, I want to let you in on a little secret and I hope it won’t hurt your feelings buddy. I was told by a very good source that mayor Daley does not care too much for you, it’s true. I hope your not offended. Sorry dude.

  2. Mayor Daley, listen up pal. Your son is going to jail along with your nephew, Robert. Your father is doing summersalts and back flips in his grave pal. Not because you are getting caught, or that you are now bringing down two family members along with yourself. Noooooooo, He is doing major back flips cause you were so stupid and arrogant to steam roller the average person, your dad was a friend to the hard working blue collar man. Your dad came to me in a dream and told me you had shamed him pal. Your bad, mayor, your bad. Now, go directly to jail, do not even think about passing go, just go directly to jail and do not collect $200.00 dollars (you took enough already). And rip up your get out of jail card too, you can’t use it.

  3. There are some problems with CAN-TV funding and also the Press passes with the City of Chicago

    Hey Pat I hear you and your associates ar in hot water for using press pass while on the job to do things other than work. I heard Fran got a call on this and so do 773 478-7799.

    Also on your ethic statement do you list the imcome you get from this blog? Do you have a secondary employment form on file. I hear you are going to be reported to the board of ethics.. clean up your own house before you start picking on others
    (Response) I think you did not hear correct. Can I can you Mr. Lumpy Head?

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