7 Replies to “Des Plaines Candidate Forum 2009 All City Clerk and Alderman Candidates”

  1. Des Plaines City Clerk Candidates Patrice McDonough, Gloria Ludwig, and Jennifer Tsalapatanis speak to the public in a debate sponsored by Todd Wessel of the Des Plaines Journal Topic Newspapers. The debate took place March 25, 2009 at Des Plaines City Hall.
    Des Plaines Mayoral Candidates also speak including Michael Bausone, Eugene Fregetto, Patricia Haugeberg, Peter Tetera, Matthew Bogusz, Wayne Elstner, Michael Kochevar , Jim Brookman, Daniel P. Winiecki, Eric Obenberger (write-in candidate) joseph Kozenczak, and Dan Wilson. I wish all candidates God Speed and Good Luck. Video File edited and reproduced by Patrick McDonough. I could not upgrade this file.
    Enjoy this video.

  2. Whats your website “chicagoclout” have to do with Desplaines. Lets work on putting Daley in prison.

    (Response) I got enough for mail fraud on Daley, can I take a break? I would cover Quigley but I think he has it, do you? Des Plaines has the casino in route, the action is out there. I also am a little bored with my lovely Alderman Mary Ann Smith. The 48th ward will pick up in a while. Things are brewing with Alderman Pat “Phat” Levar, but that is is the starting stages.

  3. Mr. Pat you should look at the Levar family history, they are entrenched in the Chicago Park distructs !! from cousins, aunts, brothers, sisters, in-laws !!!!! you will be shocked, yes you will, give the Park District a FOIA to anser the charges of the “Levars”

    (Response) Ask John D’Amico, he knows. We know but we are swamped. Will get to it asap.

  4. Who gives a shit about Desplaines…………..Daley! Daley! Daley!Daley! Daley! Daley!Daley! Daley! Daley!

  5. What about Daley’s role in DesPlanes and the other suburbs?
    There are billions of dollars with the casino and Daley has people in Desplanes like Dominic *****, Quarters Boyle, and Katalnic and HDo.
    (Response) Really?

  6. That is Carla Brookman’s right hand man for all the dirty work! He forgot to say that on tv.

  7. I see, Daley is trying to take over the western suburbs. God Please help us get rid of this crooked thief!Indict his son cause I want to see the big baby crying!~

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