April Fool's Day for all Des Plaines Taxpayers Read Des Plaines Journal

I have to make a major speech tomorrow in downtown Chicago. I am following the Des Plaines Mayoral races with great interest and was hoping to make a recommendation today but I am on another emergency. I am truly disgusted by radical activists and the local Republicans under the control of promised money and jobs. I am exposing the b.s. train controlled by Mayor Daley and the boys. These pimps have dogged out the public trust because some of your Des Plaines leaders have no work. The Chicago Tribune has a great article on O’Hare Airport Expansion. Bensenville and Des Plaines are in big trouble. I am going to endorse Mark Thompson or Dick Sayad. I hope Mayor Arredia gets a check from Park Ridge when he leaves office. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-ohare-suburbs-01apr01,0,7701235.story Expect a great article soon.

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  1. The Blago indictment detailed how Rezko and others took kick backs to be put into a pool of money to be distributed after Blago left office. Now to Daley. He gives Tadin, Barbara, Degnan and others hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts. Tell me that they are not kicking back the mayor. FITZGERALD WHERE THE FU(* are you!!!!! BULLSH!*

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