Exclusive: Governor Rod Blagojevich will be indicted in a few minutes

Please note, we are still working on Mayor Richard M. Daley's indictment. It might take a little while longer. Chicago Clout is very happy.

10 Replies to “Exclusive: Governor Rod Blagojevich will be indicted in a few minutes”

  1. You are my hero buddy. This mayor and his son and nephew need their faces smeared in dog $h!t. They have ruined our city. Crooks, rotten crooks!

  2. u da man Pat, u da man! Now get da mare, get da mare! Get the mares son too, and the nephew! Both are crooks too!


  4. Push Pat push. I know what you got on the mayor, look at the indictment and conviction of Senator Stevens in Alaska. It was dropped now for prosecutorial misconduct but he was indicted and convicted I think on 7 counts for taking 250,000 in gifts and not reporting it. You got the mayor. This would force the feds hands. They can blame you for bringing the pressure on them because it sure looks like Fitzgerald is afraid to bring an indictment of the mayor. Keep pushing!!!! You really should not have to push. The feds should do their job. That Educap free flights is even more goods. Where is Fitzgerald!

  5. No one flips over and sings on Daley because they fear him and the mob yes. But they have control of soooooo much money and contracts that it is understood if they go to jail they will come out multimillionairs. They have no plans on singing. Look how they kept Marco Morales from singing on them in Mexico. They gave his son (who changed his name) $40 million in paving contracts. Big time money protects Daley. Big time money!!!!!!!!! BIG TIME MONEY PROTECTS DALEY!!!!! FITZGERALD WHERE ARE YOU????!!!!!!!

  6. Its BS now! Where is the indictment of Daley?????? I am directing this at FITZGERALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. We now know what is happening with all the mayors friends and these big no bid contracts. These contractors are paying off Daley and his family as they live out their old age. Crooks! Daley your a crook!

  8. To bad the Bears Trade took top billing. I guess US Attorney wont get the press coverage he was expecting.

    Hey maybe the US Attorney to get even will indict Rex Grossman for impersonating a Quarter Back. Thats is more likely to happen than Mr. Daley being indicted.

  9. Where’s the beef Pat…. Show me the money (I mean indictment) Were calling your bluff. Show your card…. FITZGERLD WON’T DO A THING UNTIL SOMEONE SHOWES THERE CARDS AND HAS TO DO SOMETHING. SHOW YOUR CARDS BEFORE FITZ GETS SHIPED OUT…

  10. How can this mayor still be walking around free. It makes no sense. That PATRICK FITZGERALD better do something cause I have already figured out what this mayor has done and Fitzgerald has all the inside stuff along with wire taps. What the fu(k is he waiting for to indict this mayor who has cheated and stolen massively from us tax payers. What the hell is going on at the federal building late at night cause they sure aint doing nothing.

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