No Games Chicago Rally a Great Sucess! Charles Walker Chris Shaw

No Games Chicago.jpg It was a great protest today as expected. A massive rally against the Mayor Daley Chicago Olympic bid went well with-out a hitch. I am very happy for the event organizers including Charles Walker, Bob Quellos of No Game Chicago. Charles Walker went to the site last night and found a large truckload of snow dumped on the speaker’s podium site. Charles Walker believes making lemonade out of lemons. Charles Walker, Rachel Goodstein, and Patrick McDonough stuffed a convict uniform with sticks and newspapers and put a mask of Mayor Daley on top. The Media went nuts and the image was sent everywhere. Only two of the costumes exist. That was funny.
The first speaker was Chris Shaw a expert on the costs of Olympic hosting. The next speaker was me, Patrick McDonough, I dragged up Rachel Goodstein, president of the Friends of Meigs Field. I was asked to speak about the corruption in Chicago. My speech started, “Chicago has a history of corruption maintained like a well tunes sports car. It hums along perfectly; it provides money, jobs, and contracts and great rewards for a chosen few. The Chief mechanic is Mayor Richard M. Daley.” I spoke about the Department of Water Management, Hired Trucks, and the retaliation Daley has for Whistleblowers. I got freaked out a little because the young kids were very quiet and listened closely. I wrapped up my speech with Rachel, it was great. I was glad I talked all about the old Inspector General, Alexander Vroustouris. I also enjoyed seeing my friend and fellow protester Patricia Hill. Patricia was always there when I needed her! Bob Quellos did an outstanding job, he and all his staff did a great job. I could not believe all the police, they were videotaping the event and they had a full battalion if horse mounted police. They were ready for my speech. Some protesters felt intimidated by all the cops. I am going to give more press to this group, they did a great job. Nice job Charles Walker. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Patrick, you shared the podium! Your speech sent shivers down my spine. Thank you for talking about the chicago city workers, you are our leader!Rachel is so small next to you.

  2. Anyone who thinks the city can run the Games within budget and without taxpayer funds either hasn’t lived here long enough to know any better or has a city job courtesy of his/her local patronage chief.

    Millenium Park: Budgeted at $150 million, completed at $475 million

    O’Hare Modernization: Budgeted at $6.6 billion by the city, $20+ billion by everyone else

    Soldier Field: Budgeted at $406 million, completed at $632 million

    See a pattern here?

    How about this: of all the projects in the past 30 years that claimed to be at no cost to the taxpayers, name one that actually lived up to it.

    And you still think the city can handle this?

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