6 Replies to “Chicago Clout Plumber's Local 130 Video Chicago Union Issues”

  1. At last, the unions in this city have the power in both people and money to get good people in public office,but what do they do? the rectal orifices give our money to a mayor who is anti-worker

  2. HEY Carmen, you should run for alderman I would help you get into that office, but what about H D O? They would be upset at you? You ready to run !!!!!!!!!not just run away when they come after you?

  3. Local 130 has been in bed with the thief we call mayor for far too long. Quite a cozy relationship indeed but it’s the union members paying the price. Wake up folks – what has 130 done for you lately???

  4. No “City Official” should ever get a pay raise until all city departments have received a current contract and a pay raise.

    Whatever percentages all the departments received should be averaged out, and that is the percentage the politicians should receive. Not a penny more! It might surprise you just how much faster and smoother this would make contract negotiations.

    These political hacks seem to have forgotten that just like City Employee’s work for and must answer to the City, elected City Politicians work for the City Taxpayers and have to answer to their boss……..aka: us!

    Don’t forget to call your Alderman and remind them of this.

    Jim McMahon
    Retired Lieutenant
    Chicago Fire Department

  5. How did a city plumbing inspector the worst inspector in the city for taking bribes become a business agent for local 130-cannot give name or will lose job and is it a bribe if inspectors make their own codes,refuse to pass even the best plumbing job until they get paid off

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