9 Replies to “Chicago City Workers Layoff Video, Daley family blamed for Terminations”

  1. It’s my understanding that no one has yet been laid off. Talking of losing a job and having to go on welfare when it’s not a given does not serve your message well
    (Response) there was alarge round of layoffs not too long ago. See how people forget?

  2. Pat,

    How Many Unpaid Dayd Off our You, yes You Willing to Take to Help Save This and other Jobs.

    How Many? 1, 2, 5, 12, 17 or Zero.

    This Question is What are you willing to do Pat.

    I kmnow I will take 14 days or or more but what about you??

    (Response) I will take twice as many as James Sullivan Business Manager) and Tom McManus (Business Agent) of Journeymans’ Local 130. I will take three time as many as Tom Durkin.

  3. Great example to show to your child. Show him it’s better to complain that to go out an find work. Sorry you lost your job, but why are you more important than the other 13.2 million unemployed in this country.

    Stop complaining and get your resume together. Im sure there is a huge demand for overpaid municipal workers who buy their Union Cards. This is the reason it is so hard to re-employ a city worker. Most are not qualified to do anything.

    By the way you dont go to welfare, you go to unemployment.

  4. AAAWWWWWW Poor baby, welcome to the Cook County Building Trades…ja#off.
    Good luck with welfare, my family has already lost thier home, and unemployment. Maybe your alderman can help you out or your hack b.a. I am sure the unions will make sure you hacks are back to work before the rest of the rank and file members. GO UNION!!!!!!!

  5. Why don’t union members get a say in what concessions we are to give up? Why do we have to eat furlough days and nixed holidays because the union says we are lucky to have our jobs? I’m a laborer in local 1092 and pay about $95 a check in union “fair share” dues. That’s roughly $190 a month give or take. If the unions want to give in to these seemingly never ending demands thrown at us by our beloved mayor, then I think the fair share dues being extorted from my pay check should stop. The unions should stop taking money from us as long as we have to take ANY days off! If money is coming out of my pocket, then it should come out of theirs as well. It started with us taking 3 days off to save jobs, that didn’t work. People were STILL LAID OFF. Now it’s another outrageous amount of days with no pay mixed with other concessions NONE of us agreed to. This has to stop. Call your union and tell them what you think of their horse shit representation, if anyone even answers the phone. They are probably out shopping for more eco friendly Tahoe suv’s for each one of them to drive around in. The unions are a joke,we know this already but how much more crap do we have to take shoved down our throats? Lucky to have my job? Let me tell you something, I’m embarrassed to say I work for the city now and even more embarrassed to tell people I’m from the state of Illinois !!

  6. Regarding the not too long ago layoffs, do you mean last year’s?

    I’ll point out, though, that the man in the video says he was laid off just last week, so my point remains: to talk of losing a job and going on welfare when it’s not a given does not serve your message well.
    (Response) He was a garbageman, do you want his phone number?

  7. Regarding his position as a garbageman, that’s an answer to a different question.

    I have looked at the video for a third time now. In the video posted 6/13, he says “lost our jobs last week…” in the “massive” city lay offs.

    No one has been laid off yet.

    Look, you’ve got an interesting message here, but you’ve skirted my message: that to talk of losing a job and going on welfare when it’s not a given does not serve your message well.
    (Response) I do not right a script for my quests.

  8. Is there another language we can communicate in? Because you consistently fail to address the question or statement raised.

    You don’t script your guests. You do post the content. This hyperbole/content does not serve your message well. Get it? Yes or no will address the question raised.
    (Response) How does maybe hit ya?

  9. “(Response) How does maybe hit ya?”

    I’ll take it as a no, and it strikes me as you just wanting to be “right.” Good luck with that approach.

    Maybe Mick will confirm when he stopped working to set the record straight.

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