Clout Heavy Department of Water Management Central District Boys take North District Overtime

Central District Mutes 1.jpg
The City of Chicago Department of Water Management sent a well connected crew from the Central District into the North District to take needed overtime from the North District Valve Truck Crew. These men also forgot to notify the Leak Desk of their actions which caused a major water outage in the North District. Thank God Patrick McDonough took a stop from his break to find these guys and restore service to all those customers on Milwaukee Avenue. When these men were asked what they were doing they refused to communicate with Mr. McDonough of the Department of Water Management. They must not want the names of Michael Burns and Pete “O.T.” Russo brought out as sneaking around taking other people’s overtime. I hope when an emergency arises and people are drinking filthy water in the future, the Central District can send something besides two mutes. I hope the Central Dispatch forwards my complaint to Commissioner Spatz. I also hope these guys get some barricades and safety cones; they almost got killed several times. The 11th Ward and the 19th Ward goons sure get their guys O.T. Story by Patrick McDonough. P.S. those private contractors sure appreciate all the help!

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  1. You have called the newspapers Patrick, first when I see this truck going the wrong way on this street (since when are we allowed to break the laws) second there are no barricades on the scene, safty should of been called, third, where are the police directing traffic, are the city workers allowed to dirrect traffic? this crew should not of been in the North District. there should be complaints filed by the North side crews, Pat you should of filed a complaint on behalf of the North District crews, why hasn’t Talley done anything, is it a (MONKEY) I see, hear, speak no Evil, come on or is it because of “CLOUT” which the city lawyers do not know what “CLOUT IS” this was stated under oath !!
    I want every North District to complain to Daleys office or the city inspector general’s number, these people crossed into the North districts areas, these people should be WRITTEN UP FOR CROSSING OVER, or is it a special friends of Talley’s, I would be screaming all the way to the 5th floor, about this cover up !! who the hell do these guys think they are, FIRE THEM GUYS!! they should of not coming into the North Districts area, and they did a bad thing and helping out the contractors, W T F Pat I expect you to do something about this. WE should be giving Pat McDougha funds to uncover this, or support M.A.G. they do an excellent job of covering the news !!

  2. Since when are there defined boundary lines of where a city crew can work. You make it sound like these guys broke the pipe and put themselves on overtime.

    What do you mean we should be giving Pat McDonough funds to uncover this? WE ARE !!! He does all this on city time. He might claim it is on his break, but it is on city time.

    Im sure you shot more than one picture Pat, show them all! I will bet your “ski boat” that you like to boast about that the other pictures show the cones that you bitch about.

    Once again Pat showing up your perspective is not showing us anything at all.

    By the way Pat, were you dressed for work that day or did you dress in shorts and gym shoes on the way to the job? It seems to me that any city worker would have to adhere to a dress code that fits their title? Wonder if there any any pictures of you in your “beach attire” while at work?
    (Response) I wear beach clothes at the beach. I wear hats in the sun. I wear safety clothes in ditches. Just tell me again why you wear knee pads in the morning?

  3. these are city water workers just like you. they are doing what they are told, just like you. they are union members , J L U . Lets not start turning on eachother in these hard times. that is what the head wants.the bosses are to blame. thats right the north district bosses.

  4. You still didn’t post the other full frame pictures. Are you affraid of looking like an a#$. As for your response about the knee pads. Is this your protective shield going up when you are dead to right wrong? Pat everyone knows you are full of s&%^. We read you for entertainment value when taking a mcdonough (jr or sr take your pick, you were both horseshit plumbers with big mouths). Can’t wait to read your response. By the way ask fat a*^ bruce randazzo where all the dancing in the streets are. I thought it was coming?
    (Response) The Central District Boys got potty mouths. You sure kiss a** when you want a vote so you can keep your job! So you want me to post the other photos? Which ones? The ones where you and your pals are getting dusty knees? I never dropped no money to the Rat Pack, did you, Mr O.T.?

  5. Pat,

    Your alolism must have fried your brains, I do’t even work for the city. Maybe I am a logger that has been taking pictures of you, and your kids. Maybe I listen to you radio frequeny and know where you are headed. Maybe I have been following you for a while and will decide to show my proof of your prior residency, work schedule, secret meeting around the city and suburbs to the same people that you think are on your side. When to pictures match the documents, even the IG’s office will turn on you like cornered rat. You better run this one past your lawyer. The same guy who should be looking into his fathers political affairs. Hypocrite.

    I guess your should be a little more careful with your location. Its no fun looking over your shoulder, but it fun watching your fat ass get out of the car when you tink you are on to something.

    By the way I have been wratching you friend Sullivan for a while. Tell him to quite going out for drinks on the job. Even if its one Heiniken or two, I have the proof he was on city time. Can’t wait to unloads all this at the same time.

  6. Great job with the editing of my post. We dont care about your kids. You are a scumbag and have the ethics of Blago. You call yourself a journalist, but dont adhere to any standards.
    (Response) You forgot to put your name down, or was that edited also? I still like you, you are my friend and pal and chum.

  7. Can’t we all just get along? Guy’s, I know it might be hard to get up in the morning and look yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, I love my job and my boss (Mr.Mayor). Who can I screw today, so I can keep my job. Once he goes to jail, all you MF’ers will be out of a job and you’ll be using your knee pads looking for another job. I don’t agree with everything you say, but still appreciate the stuff you uncover and get these guys bloodpressure up. There worried…. the heat is on and the cush job is getting looked at now by everyone. I can’t wait to see these guys with a real job they actually have to do work at. There time will come, sooner than they think…..

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