Made in America, Chicago Teamsters support their Country and Chicago.

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On June 23, 2009, I had the pleasure of watching an historic vote; Chicago Teamsters turned down Mayor Daley proposed concessions for Chicago City Teamsters. (Chicago Drivers) I support this Union whole heartedly! Chicago Teamsters do not get paid enough for their hard work and dedication to Chicago Taxpayers. Teamsters haul hazardous waste carefully and safely in Chicago everyday! Working for the City of Chicago is not a glamorous job, caution is job one! I do not think the Teamsters made enough money on the last contract, why take more money away from them? Mayor Daley is farting around in Jordan right now as Chicago Union workers fight and struggle to put food on the table. I wish to thank Chicago’s number one news station ABC 7 for showing up and listening to the “little guy”. ABC 7 News is the last news station in Chicago that uses its own employees to gather all the video footage. ABC 7 news also has the best story tellers in the news business. I want to give special thanks to all my City of Chicago Department of Water Management friends and my Union pals at Teamsters 726. Take your time like the Teamsters Union, read the fine print, do not give in. Many of the people that face layoffs are woman and minorities that are finally getting a chance thanks to Shakman Decree enforcement. Enjoy these pictures. Special thank to Bruce Randazzo, Angelo Fata, Charles Walker, both “Mayor Daleys”, and Teamster’s leader Vince Tenuto. Special thanks to Des Plaines Mayor Marty Moylan that sent his entire police force to provide traffic services! (wink, wink) Enjoy these photos by Patrick McDonough