5 Replies to “Chicago Clout presents THE CLOUT MEISTERS with emery joe yost”

  1. Hey Pat looked good on tv last night it might be too early but have you heard of any names running against Daley yet

  2. Beautiful!! So true… Never knows anything, never does anything wrong… This should be the theme when they finally catch the prick in all the clout… Keep on singing!!!

  3. How come everyone but the Feds knows what going on with the Daley corruption? Kinda makes them look like there on the take. Whos watching the FEDS? This City is the laughing stock… WAKE UP PEOPLE…THE FEDS HAVE NO INTENTIONS ON LOCKING HIM UP. THEY WOULD RATHER WAIT UNTIL HE DIES SO HE DOESN’T START SINGING AND PULLS A FED OR A SENATOR OR TWO ON THE TAKE INTO THIS… this is nothing but a pipe dream. Everyone of you people are dummer than you look… Get out now before he gets the last dollar out of your pocket. And as for all the city workers….. I laugh at you. Your nothing but a number to this jackass. you will never get anywhere unless you donate to his cause….. Name one or two commissioners or high ranking bosses that actually got there job on knowledge or came up in the rank and file and actually earned a position without buying a ticket to a fundraiser or worked a precient? I know you people are not that bright, so before you hurt yourself trying to think of one…. THERE ARE NONE. I give you alot of credit Pat.. Admire your strong will on trying to nail him, but your spitting in the wind my friend. Your gona fight this one to your grave, or his grave…which ever comes first. Good luck, keep the faith (because thats all your riding on)and be safe.

  4. To Site owner, could you take my name off the second comment at put “Keep on singing” instead of my name?


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