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  1. Dick impson was one of the best Alderman in Chicago’s history. Dana Kozlov is a foxy lady.

  2. Aug 18, 2009 10:50 pm US/Central City Workers Protest Chicago Clout In Web Song Reporting
    Dana Kozlov CHICAGO (CBS)
    The Clout Meisters


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    They say Chicago is broke, and doesn’t work. And they don’t believe Mayor Daley will fix it. Chicago clout at its finest. They’re The Clout Meisters. So what made ’em do it? CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov asked them.

    These guys are mad as hell. And they’re singing about it. Not just in a park, either.

    Emory Joe Yost, a Chicago park district employee and Pat McDonough, a city plumber, have posted their protest song for any and all to see on the website: Chicago Clout.

    The tune’s main target? Mayor Richard M. Daley.

    Both Yost and McDonough, who helped write the song but isn’t in the video, admit they’ve had legal issues with the city.

    McDonough blew the whistle on the hired truck scandal. He was fired and then reinstated.

    But they say this song isn’t about them. It’s about all Chicagoans.

    “People are very frustrated, they’re very upset. A lot of people don’t have jobs. Taxes keep going up,” McDonough said. “People are scared of what tomorrow will bring. And there’s a lot of anger out here.”

    Anger about the Olympic bid, taxes, layoffs and parking meters.

    Former alderman and political science professor Dick Simpson watched the song with us. He believes they have a point.

    “It’s actually not too bad,” Simpson said. “It’s beginning to shift attitudes about the mayor, that maybe he’s not as perfect as say Millennium Park made him seem to be.”

    Yost, the group’s front man, says he has no concerns about putting himself out there and doesn’t fear retaliation.

    “It’s what I have to do as a person. It’s what I have to say as an artist,” Yost said.

    McDonough, too, believes this is almost a calling. Their ultimate goal?

    “We can stir things up and we can really make change,” Yost said.

    “Maybe it’s the ’60s again. Who knows? So us younger guys, it’s our turn to make a little trouble,” McDonough said.

    So what does Mayor Daley think about this folk-inspired ditty? We don’t know. His spokesperson did not call us back for comment.

    Click here to see the video on Chicago Clout.

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  3. MSNBC.com

    Singin’ Dem Mayer Daley Blues
    By Kristin Nehls
    updated 3:27 p.m. CT, Thurs., Aug 20, 2009
    They may look like Devo, but they sound like the protest folk-singers of the ’60s.

    Only, Emory Joe Yost and Pat McDonough aren’t singing about Vietnam. They’re railing against Mayor Daley.

    Emory, a Chicago park district employee, and McDongough, a city plumber, call themselves The Clout Meisters and their lyrics aren’t so much clever, as scathing.

    The Cloutmeisters

    “Mayor Richie Daley tells us wrong from right. It’s hard to do when he’s on the next flight. He’s hanging out in Switzerland cutting big deals. Too much funny business here; everyone steals. Chicago clout, little Richies getting richer,” The Clout Meister’s sing.

    Targeting mainly Mayor Richard Daley, the whimsical musicians feel they have good reason to be upset with our beloved city.

    After all, McDonough did get fired after blowing the whistle on the hired truck scandal.

    Ticked off? Him? We can’t imagine why.

    McDonough, who helped frontman Yost write the Chicago Clout song, eventually got reinstated, but the bitterness remains.

    “People are very frustrated, they’re very upset. A lot of people don’t have jobs. Taxes keep going up,” McDonough told CBS2 Chicago. “People are scared of what tomorrow will bring. And there’s a lot of anger out here.”

    In other words, these dudes are convinced that Chicago is broken.

    Singing the same old tune as many other Chicago protesters, these guys have issues with taxes, layoffs, parking meters and the 2016 Olympic bid.

    But in a city notorious for its corruption and dirty politics, the duo’s gotta worry about the consequences of their political outcry.

    “It’s what I have to do as a person. It’s what I have to say as an artist,” Yost said. “We can stir things up and we can really make change.”

    And while the two man band spreads their words — and lyrics — on the web, they’re adamant on the fact that this isn’t just about them. They’re speaking on behalf of all Chicago citizens.

    “Maybe it’s the ’60s again. Who knows? So us younger guys, it’s our turn to make a little trouble,” McDonough said.

    With the Internet at their fingertips and all the mixed-up confusion going on here in Chicago, we’re sure we haven’t heard the last from the Cloutmeisters.

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  4. When will this 70 year old mayor have a stroke and be done with us already?

  5. I never realized there were so many stupid people in this town until I stumbled upon this blog.

  6. There goes Anonymous talking shit again while hiding under his “Anonymous” name. Grow a pair will ya?

  7. A meter culpa from the mayor
    Will admit tonight deal handled poorly, but city needs money

    August 25, 2009

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter/fspielman@suntimes.com
    Mayor Daley will acknowledge tonight that his administration “totally screwed up” the transition to private control of the city’s 36,000 parking meters and that some Chicagoans believe he has “put too much time into” the quest for Olympic gold.

    With a $520 million shortfall that can only be filled by tax increases and spending cuts, three nights of public hearings on Daley’s preliminary 2010 budget are expected to turn into giant gripe sessions before City Hall lowers the boom.

    » Click to enlarge image At a public hearing Tuesday, Mayor Daley addressed the much-maligned parking meter deal.

    (Rich Hein/Sun-Times)

    Congressional hearings on President Obama’s health care plan are likely to look tame by comparison.

    Nothing like an apology on parking meters to take the edge off the anger.

    “I’ll be the first to admit that we totally screwed up the way it was implemented. I want us to do better — and we will,” Daley plans to tell the crowd at the South Shore Cultural Center, 7059 S. Shore Dr., according to a copy of his speech obtained by the Sun-Times.

    No issue in recent memory — not even the Hired Truck scandal or Daley’s notorious midnight destruction of Meigs Field — has resonated more with voters than the 75-year, $1.15 billion parking meter lease tied to a steep schedule of rate hikes.

    It was bad enough that drivers had to stuff their pockets with quarters to pay the higher meter rates.

    When the transition to private control got bogged down by broken pay-and-display boxes and overstuffed and improperly calibrated meters that overcharged motorists, Daley and aldermen who approved the deal had a crisis on their hands.

    After falling on his sword in the bluntest of terms, the mayor will defend the deal as “financially responsible” and argue that, without it, “we’d be forced to consider raising new revenues and cutting services this year.”

    The other hot-button issue is Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games and Daley’s promise to sign a host-city contract that amounts to an open-ended guarantee from Chicago taxpayers.

    “I am confident they will make a profit and not cost Chicago’s taxpayers,” Daley plans to say, apparently referring to private insurance policies that could shield taxpayers from any losses beyond the $500 million the City Council has already promised.

    “Still, I can understand why some believe that we’ve put too much time into pursuing the Olympics. To those who feel that way, I want you to know that nothing matters more to me than making Chicago a better city — for every neighborhood and every person,” Daley plans to say, according to the text of his speech. “Nothing troubles me more than the violence against our children that continues to needlessly take their lives.”

    Even after wringing concessions from organized labor and drying up a “rainy day” fund created by the parking meter deal, Chicago has a $520 million budget shortfall in 2010.

    With no obvious untapped sources of revenue, Civic Federation President Laurence Msall has warned that city government will be “forced to re-invent itself in the way it delivers services and eliminates services not critical.”

    Tonight, Daley will make no effort to sugarcoat the difficult choices ahead.

    “We need to understand what services you want us to continue. We also need to hear what services you believe you can go without,” he plans to say.

  8. I’m am so fed up with Daley and everyone who defends his actions. I have played the “Lay Off” game for over 3 years now as a city driver and all I can say is “stick a fork in me, I’m done”! I’m gonna pack up the family and move to the burbs!!! It’s too bad really, because I love this city, but not enough to play Daley’s games. Maybe once he’s voted out or drops dead from Karma I might come back, but for now I’m looking to get out! No part time job is worth all this aggravation, I can go find a lesser paying FULL TIME job and have peace of mind. The city still owes me 10 vacation days though, so I gotta work on that first!

  9. Hey Pat is this what you do on city time?Why not I sold guns and delt drugs on city time so whats the diffrence.Hell they even kept everything quiet for me and allowed me to work.
    But my Question to you Mr.Mc Doungh is when are you gonna grow the hell up and stop crying corruption already?Please Pat tell us all!!!!!

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